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Prepare your busienss with an ISPS audit checklist

An ISPS Audit Checklist is a set of criteria used to assess the security of a ship’s ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security) system. It covers areas such as port security, ship security, crew security, and the security of cargo. The checklist helps to ensure that ships comply with the international regulations set out by the IMO.

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International Ship Port Security Code (ISPS)
1. General
Are Objectives and Policy known as required? ISPS code no. A.1.2 & 1.3
Do Officers/ Engineers know about the Functional Requirements? ISPS code no. A.1.3
2 Definitions
Do Officers/ Engineers have sufficient knowledge about the Terminology? ISPS code no. A. 2
3 Application
4 Responsibilities of contracting governments
Is it known who sets the security level for the ship? ISPS code no. A.4.3
Is Security Information being exchanged with PFSO? ISPS code no. 4.2
Is a list of Security Contact Points available? ISPS code no. A.4.2
Are working and resting times sufficiently taken into account in regard to Security Duties? ISPS code no. 4.3
5 Declaration of Security
Do SSO/Deputy have sufficient knowledge about the Declaration of Security? ISPS code no.A.5
Is there a procedure about how to handle requests for a Declaration of Security by a Port Facility? ISPS code no. A.5.3
Is the SSO aware about the circumstances when a Declaration of Security has to be requested? ISPS code no. A.5.2
Date and place of last Declaration of security
6 Obligations of the Company
Is the Master's overriding Authority clearly defined? ISPS code no. A.6.1
Does theCompany provide sufficient support to CSO/Master/SSO? ISPS code no. A.6.2
7 Ship Security
Officers'/ Engineers' knowledge about the different Security Levels sufficient? ISPS code no. A.7
Acknowledgement of Receipt of higher Security Level Information and confirmation of Initiation of the Implementation of respective Security Measures according SSP ISPS code no. A.7.6
Cooperation/ Communication with PFSO ISPS code no. A.7.7
8 Ship Security Assessment
Is the Ship Security Assessment available? ISPS code no. A.8.2
Is the Ship Security Assessment being kept confidential? ISPS code no. A.8.4.2
9 Ship Security Plan
Is the approved Ship Security Plan available? ISPS code no. 9.1
Is the Ship Security Plan kept confidential? ISPS code no. A.9.7
Are the Flag State's additional requirements on SSP fulfilled? ISPS code no.9.8.1
Is the location of the SSAS Activation Points known to key personnel? ISPS code no. A.9.4.17
If the SSP is available in electronic format - is it kept confidential and protected from tampering with? ISPS code no. A.9.6 & 9.7
Is it clear to the SSO in which case PSC Officer may request to see the SSP itself (instead of only the approval letter)? Does he know that the PSCO can only be shown the pat of the SSP he has clear grounds to doubt it is being fulfilled? ISPS code no. A.9.8
Is the Effectiveness of the SSP regularly assessed? (SSP-Review available)? ISPS code no. A.9.5.1
Is it clear how ammendments to the SSP are to be prepared? ISPS code no. 9.5.1
Are duties and responsibilities of shipboard personnel with a security role clearly defined? ISPS code no. A.9.5.1
Is there a procedure for the maintenance of continuous communication in place? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place to control the access to the ship? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place to control the access to restricted areas? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place to control the handling of cargo? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place to control the delivery of ship's stores? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place regarding the handling of unaccompanied baggage? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place ensuring the monitoring of the security of the ship? ISPS code no. A.9.4
Are procedures in place regarding the handling of differing Security Levels? ISPS code no. A.9.4
10 Records
Is the confidentiality of records ensured? ISPS code no. A.9.7
If records are kept in electronic format - are confidentiality and retention of records ensured? ISPS code no. A.10.3
Date and place of last internal audit conducted by the company
Results of the last internal audit conducted by Feederlines
Last security review of the SSP done by SSO found on board
11 Company Security Officer
Is a Company Security Officer for this ship appointed/ declared? ISPS code no. A.11.1
Are the tasks of the company security officer defined? ISPS code no. A.11.2
12 Ship Security Officer
Is a Ship Security Officer appointed? ISPS code no. A.12.1
Are the tasks of the Ship Security Officer defined? ISPS code no. A.12.2
Is the Ship Security Officer fully conversant with the Ship Security Plan? ISPS code no. A.12.2
13 Trainings Drills and Exercises on Ship Security
Is the SHip Security Officer trained (if required Flag STate Approved Training course)? ISPS code no. A.13.1
Is personnel with specific security duties adequately trained? ISPScode no. A.13.3
Has personnel participated in Security Awareness Trainings? ISPS code no. A.13.4
Are Security Drills carried out regularly? ISPS code no. A.13.4
Date of last drill carried out on board the vessel
Topic of the last security drill?
Are security exercises (with the company) carried out regularly? ISPS code no. A.13.5
Date of the last company security drill
14 Port facility security
15 Port facility security assessment
16 Port facility security plan
17 Port facility security officer
18 Training drills and exercises on port facility security
19 Verification and Certification for Ships
Valid International Ship Security Certificate available? ISPS code no. A.19.1.1
Are the results of external Audits satisfactory? ISPS code no. A.19.1.3
Date of external audit ISPS code no. A.19.1.3
Place and result of last external audit
Have changes been taking place in the approved security system? ISPS code no. A.19.1.4
SOLAS Requirements
Is the Automatic Identification System (AIS) working (SOLAS V Reg.19)?
Is the ship identification number installed as per rules (SOLAS XI-1 Reg.3)?
Is the Continuous Synopsis Record complete (SOLAS XI-2 Reg.4)?
Is the ship security alert system tested according to the rules (SOLAS XI-2 Reg.6)?
Assessment Review
Has a Ship Security Assessment been carried out since last Audit? ISPS code no. A.8.3
Are records of the last SSA available? ISPS code no. A.10.1.7
Are comments/ action on the last SSA-review from CSO available? ISPS code no. A.10.1.9
Opening and closing meeting
The opening and closing meeting conducted in the attendance of Captain, C/O (SSO) and senior officers. The internal audit followed a sampling process and it is possible that non-Conformities may excise even in areas that have been covered by the audit.
Amount of NCN's and OBS issued
All items found were discussed and accepted in order to improve the general performance of the vessel.
Completion of Audit
Next internal ISPS audit/inspection has to be carried out within one year of the issuing date of this report. All Non Conformities and Observations have to be reported in thenSafety Management Reporting Module (SMR) of GLSM by the Captain within 24 hours after the audit has been completed. In addition to the above-mentioned. The Captain in cooperation with the responsible officer of the department, has to take timely corrective action on all NCN's and OBS and add this in the SMR as required by the ISPS Code.
The audit has been completed. Attached to the report the crew list of participants which are audited
Location of Internal Audit
Date of Completion
Auditor's Signature
Captain signature
Items marked in RED (No) are to be checked and rectified. Note: items marked with N/A are not checked on board during the audit.
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Conduct shipboard inspections with an ISPS audit checklist

An ISPS Audit Checklist can be a valuable tool for organizations to ensure that their company meets the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards for security, safety, and risk management. The IMO standards are important for any organization that operates vessels, as they provide a clear framework of guidelines and regulations to ensure that the maritime environment is safe and secure.

An ISPS Audit Checklist can help an organization review and document its compliance with the IMO standards. The checklist can be used to evaluate the organization’s existing security measures and identify potential areas for improvement. It can also be used to ensure that any changes to security measures are formally documented and communicated to relevant personnel.

Responding to security threats is essential for any organisation. By conducting shipboard inspections with Lumiform’s customizable ISPS audit checklist, organisations can identify weaknesses or gaps in their security system and provide a platform for discussing and implementing improvements.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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