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Peer Employee Evaluation Form

Use this peer employee evaluation form to document feedback from the coworkers. Assess the coworker’s skills, quality of work and collaboration with the team. Evaluate if your coworker holds a positive impact on your environment and takes accountability for his/her mistakes. Provide observations and recommendations to help with HR decisions.
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General Question

Is your coworker always at work on time?

Is your coworker working hard?

Does your coworker hold a positive impact on your environment?

Does your coworker work effectively?

Does your coworker keep his/her deadlines?

Do you trust in your coworker's choices?

Does your coworker act professionally?

Does your coworker take accountability for his/her mistakes?

Is your coworker willing to admit his/her own mistakes?

Does your coworker pay attention to details?

Does your coworker interact well with others?

Is your coworker willing to focus on changing priorities?

Does your coworker cooperate greatly with others?

Is your coworker respectfully to you?


How would you define this employee’s personal communication and behaviour when associating with you or other people in your department?

How do you define this employee’s ability to work with you and others in your department?

How do the responsibilities/services presented by this employee interface/interact with your department?

How open is this employee to your requests?

What recommendations do you have that would help us in increasing this working relationship?


Full name and signature of the evaluated employee:


Full name and signature of the supervisor