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Pre-Flight Inspection Checklist

A Pre-Flight Inspection Checklist is a detailed list of items to be inspected prior to the aircraft taking off. This checklist covers all the major components of the aircraft and ensures that the aircraft is safe for flight. The checklist typically includes items such as visual inspection of the aircraft, fuel and oil levels, engine, and other systems.

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Parking break- set
Control Lock - remove
Ignition - off
Master Switch - Off
Electrical Equipment -Off
Avionics Master -Off
Mixture -Idle cut off
Master Switch -On
Flaps -Extended
Fuel Quantity -Verify
Annunciator Panel -Test
Circuit Breakers -In
Master Switch -Off
Fuel Selector Valve set to Both
Alternate Static Source - Check
Trim -Set
Left Side Empennage -Inspect
Tail tie down - Remove
Rudder & Stabilizer - Inspect
Right Side Empennage - Inspect
Antennas - Inspect
Baggage Door - Secure
Right Wing Flap & Aileron - Inspect
Right Tie down - Remove
Right Strut, tire, and brake - Inspect
Right fuel tank - Visually inspected
Fuel cap - Secure
Right wing - Inspect
Right Fuel Sump - Drain
Windshield - Clean
Oil level - Check to make sure it's above 5 and below 8
Dipstick - properly Seated
Cowling & Propeller - Inspect
Alternator Belt - Check tension
Air Inlets - Clear
Nose wheel tire and strut - Inspect
Pitot Tube, Static Port, & Drain - Inspect
Fuel Strainer - Drain
Fresh air inlet - Clear
Left Wing Flap & Aileron - Inspect
Left Tie down - Remove
Left Strut, Tire , & Brake - Inspect
Left fuel sump - Drain
Left fuel vent - Clear
Left Fuel Tank - Visually Inspect
Fuel cap - Secure
Stall Tab - Inspect
Left aileron & Flap - Inspect
Left side Empennage - Inspect
Walk Around - Complete
Before Starting Engine
Preflight inspection - Complete
Passengers Brief - Complete
Seat Belts/Harness - Fastened
Fuel Selector Set to Both
Fuel Shutoff Valve - On (Fully in)
Avionics Master Switch - Off
Parking Brake - Set
Flaps up
All switches - Off
Starting Engine
Beacon & Strobes - On
Throttle - Open 1/4 inch
Master Switch/ALT - On
Aux. Fuel Pump - On
Mixture - Full rich until fuel flow rises
Mixture - Idle Cutoff
Aux. fuel pump off
Brakes - Hold
Propeller area - Cleared
Ignition Switch - Start
Mixture - Advance to Rich as Engine Fires
Throttle 1000 RPM
Engine Gauges - Check
Vaccine Pressure - Check
Ammeter - Check
Mixture - Lean
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A Pre-Flight Inspection Checklist is a tool used to ensure the safety of a flight before takeoff. It is designed to identify any potential issues with the aircraft, such as mechanical failures, fuel levels, and weather conditions. The checklist covers all components of the aircraft, including the engine, propeller, wings, wheels, and external components. It also covers the pilot’s personal equipment and the aircraft’s documents. The checklist is used to ensure all aircraft components are in good working order, so that the aircraft is safe and ready for takeoff. Additionally, it is used to confirm the aircraft is in compliance with all applicable regulations. The Pre-Flight Inspection Checklist helps to ensure that flight safety is maintained and that the aircraft is ready for a safe and successful journey.
Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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