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Pre-Flight Inspection Checklist

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Pre-Flight Inspection Checklist



Parking break- set

Control Lock - remove

Ignition - off

Master Switch - Off

Electrical Equipment -Off

Avionics Master -Off

Mixture -Idle cut off

Master Switch -On

Flaps -Extended

Fuel Quantity -Verify

Annunciator Panel -Test

Circuit Breakers -In


Master Switch -Off

Fuel Selector Valve set to Both

Alternate Static Source - Check

Trim -Set


Left Side Empennage -Inspect

Tail tie down - Remove

Rudder & Stabilizer - Inspect

Right Side Empennage - Inspect

Antennas - Inspect

Baggage Door - Secure

Right Wing Flap & Aileron - Inspect

Right Tie down - Remove

Right Strut, tire, and brake - Inspect

Right fuel tank - Visually inspected

Fuel cap - Secure

Right wing - Inspect

Right Fuel Sump - Drain

Windshield - Clean

Oil level - Check to make sure it's above 5 and below 8

Dipstick - properly Seated

Cowling & Propeller - Inspect

Alternator Belt - Check tension

Air Inlets - Clear

Nose wheel tire and strut - Inspect

Pitot Tube, Static Port, & Drain - Inspect

Fuel Strainer - Drain

Fresh air inlet - Clear

Left Wing Flap & Aileron - Inspect

Left Tie down - Remove

Left Strut, Tire , & Brake - Inspect

Left fuel sump - Drain

Left fuel vent - Clear

Left Fuel Tank - Visually Inspect

Fuel cap - Secure

Stall Tab - Inspect

Left aileron & Flap - Inspect

Left side Empennage - Inspect

Walk Around - Complete

Before Starting Engine

Preflight inspection - Complete

Passengers Brief - Complete

Seat Belts/Harness - Fastened

Fuel Selector Set to Both

Fuel Shutoff Valve - On (Fully in)

Avionics Master Switch - Off

Parking Brake - Set

Flaps up

All switches - Off

Starting Engine

Beacon & Strobes - On

Throttle - Open 1/4 inch

Master Switch/ALT - On

Aux. Fuel Pump - On

Mixture - Full rich until fuel flow rises

Mixture - Idle Cutoff

Aux. fuel pump off

Brakes - Hold

Propeller area - Cleared

Ignition Switch - Start

Mixture - Advance to Rich as Engine Fires

Throttle 1000 RPM

Engine Gauges - Check

Vaccine Pressure - Check

Ammeter - Check

Mixture - Lean

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