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Crane checklist template

A crane checklist template is a standardized document used by crane operators to ensure safe and efficient operations. It outlines a series of essential tasks and inspections that need to be performed before, during, and after crane usage. This checklist covers items such as visual inspections, equipment functionality, and compliance with safety regulations, helping to maintain a high level of crane performance and minimize risks.

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Crane checklist template



Project / Site
Time and date of lift
Description of goods to be lifted
Lift Supervisor full name
Signal person full name
Crane / Hoist Operator full name
Crane / Hoist Contractor

Pre-Lift Checks

Has a pre-lift meeting taken place?
Have all other trades, tenants, occupants and neighbors been informed of lifting operations?
Have all involved personnel (including those named above) completed the required training relevant to their lift duties?
Attach photos of operator licenses
Have weather conditions been considered?
Wind conditions are safe and will be monitored over entire lift?
Are Hand Signal charts are on site?
Have signals have been reviewed between operator, signal person(s) and rigging person(s)?
Have materials to be hoisted been confirmed and has rigging methods been confirmed?
Has all rigging passed a visual inspection and is appropriate for the material being hoisted?
Full name of rigging inspector
Is crane swing rotation open and barricaded?
Is a tag line being used?
Detail why tag line is not in use for this lift?
Do the ground conditions appear to be acceptable for crane set up?
Are outriggers fully extended?
Has crane/hoist been inspected and deemed safe prior to this lift?
Are crane/hoist inspection records up to date?
A barricade demarcates the work area around all trucks equipment and personnel?
Have you assigned a designated spotter for this lift?
Full name of Spotter
Is there safe clearance between near power lines and every portion of the lifting operation, including crane/hoist, personnel and lift path?

Sign Off

We the undersigned that the above is a true and correct reflection of checks that occurred before this lift occurred.
Signature & Full Name of Lift Supervisor
Signature & Full Name of Site Foreman
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The Importance of a Crane Checklist Template

A crane checklist template is a standardized document that holds significant importance in ensuring efficient and safe crane operations. It serves as a comprehensive guide for crane operators, covering essential tasks and inspections that need to be conducted before, during, and after crane usage.

The checklist plays a vital role in preventing equipment failures by facilitating regular inspections and maintenance. By promptly addressing maintenance needs, operators can prevent costly breakdowns and minimize downtime. Additionally, the checklist ensures compliance with strict safety regulations governing crane operations. It encompasses crucial safety measures such as load capacity inspections, rigging verification, and checking safety devices, safeguarding the well-being of the operator and crew while preventing property damage and potential liability issues.

Moreover, the crane checklist template serves as documented evidence of compliance and due diligence, providing accountability and legal protection in case of incidents or disputes. It also allows for continuous improvement in crane operations by enabling periodic reviews and updates based on feedback, industry best practices, and lessons learned.

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