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Safety Audit Report

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Safety Audit Report


INSTRUCTIONS:-------------------------------------1. Answer "Yes", "No", "N/A" for the questions below.2. Fill out required fields and answer other questions as needed.3. Add photos and notes/comments by clicking on the paperclip icon.4. To add a Corrective Measure, click on the paperclip icon then click on "Add Action". Provide a description, assign to a member, set priority and then set the due date.5. Complete audit by providing a digital signature.6. Share your report by exporting as PDF, Word, Excel or Web Link.


GMP'S:Is the GMP policy being followed?

PPE'S:Is the PPE policy being followed?

SAFETY:Are the Safety rules being followed?

CLEANLINESS:Is area free of debris?


EXITS:Fire exits are kept clear

ESCAPE ROUTES:Escape routes are clear, items are not stored here

SIGNAGE:Signage is in place across site (escape routes can be easily followed)

EXTINGUISHERS:Extinguishers are of the correct type and can be clearly seen?

Are extinguishers being checked monthly?


ELECTRIC PANELS:No visible damage or defects to electrical panels, and they are secured against unauthorised access

CABLE DAMAGE:No visible damage to cables. Cables do not trail across walkways

WARNING SIGNS:Warning signs are displayed on high voltage equipment

SWITCHES:All switches are in good order and work correctly

EXTENSION CORDS:Are extension cords being used as a permanent power source?


DANGEROUS PARTS GUARDED:Dangerous parts of the machine are guarded

MISSING GUARDS:There are no missing guards

DAMAGE/DEFECTS-GUARDS:No visible damage or defects to any guards

INTERLOCKS-WORKING:All interlocks are working and are checked regularly

VISION PANELS-CLEAR:Vision panels are clear


HORN:Are drivers sounding horn before approaching the intersection?

YIELD THE RIGHT AWAY:Yield right away to pedestrians?

STOP:Complete STOP or Rolling STOP?

SAFETY ZONE:PIT operator oberving the 4-foot rule?

SEAT BELT:Is seat belt utilized?

CERTIFICATION:Is PIT certification current?


EMPLOYEES / OPERATORS:Observe operators at work?

Should anything be changed to help in operations?

HAZARDS IN THE AREA:Are they any Hazards in the area?

Can the hazards be eliminated?


Auditor's Name and Signature

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