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Standard Operating Procedure Template

This Standard Operating Procedure template is used as a guide for creating a simple and easy-to-use SOP. This SOP template contains sample categories and information as examples to illustrate how you can create your own SOP templates based on business requirements.


[EXAMPLE: You can customize this template based on your business needs]

The SOP template should provide a clear goal that must be achieved. For example, the template should answer the following questions:"What is the target process?", "Why is it necessary to write an SOP for this process?", and "What should be improved during this process? 

Example (Housekeeping for offices):

The purpose of this SOP is to deal with the housekeeping services and ensure that all workplaces are free of dirt and mess. This is of primary importance for maintaining a safe working environment and preventing accidents at work.


[The operational tasks can differ according to department or employee and can be assigned to different employees accordingly. Defining a scope of application in the SOP helps the employee understand the specific constraints and key areas of the process. This section defines who the SOP is aimed at, and accordingly, business jargon is used throughout the SOP, if applicable. 

Example (Housekeeping for offices):

This SOP is intended to assist building management personnel in performing the following tasks in the office budget:
- window cleaning
- carpet maintenance
- dusting
- waste disposal

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Standard Operating Procedure Template



Position the stepladder under the lamp to be cleaned. Make sure that the step ladder is stable and properly maintained.
[You can add photos to illustrate the steps]
If the lamp has the egg-crate diffusers, unhook them and put them aside. If, on the other hand, the diffusers are made of transparent plastic, unhook them and put them to one side.
Using the pack vacuum, vacuum the inside surface of the lamp. Put on gloves and goggles.
Warning: Avoid excessive use of water or glass cleaner.
Use the glass cleaner and a soft, clean cloth to remove dust from the inside and outside of the lamp and diffuser. Then wipe all surfaces with a cloth.
Reconnect the plastic diffuser or replace the egg crate diffuser after cleaning.


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