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Vehicle Damage Report Form Template

This vehicle damage report form template is designed to provide a simple and straightforward way to record and document any damages to a vehicle. The vehicle damage report is utilised to collect important information such as information about the driver, vehicle damage, parties/people affected and witnesses' statements to verify insurance requirements.

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Vehicle Damage Report Form Template


General Information

Driver's Name:
Take a photo of the driver's driver license presenting the DL number:
Phone number of the driver:

Damage Details

Location of incident:
Exact time of damage:
Weather condition
Describe the damage and incident
Take photo to demonstrate vehicle damage:
Degree of vehicle damage
What was the root cause of the damage?
Sketch of the incident:
Attach photo(s) of the involved surrounding vehicle and/or other environment:
Is another driver involved?


Were there witnesses? If so, then answer the following questions:
His/Her statement
Phone number:
Full name and signature of the witness


Further comments:


Driver (Full Name & Signature):
Fleet Manager (Full Name & Signature):
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Keep Track of Vehicle Damage Easily with a Vehicle Damage Report Template

A vehicle damage report form template is an essential tool for any business that deals with vehicles. It provides a standardized document to be used when recording any damage to a vehicle. This form allows businesses to accurately document damages so they can be easily tracked and managed.

Benefits of utilizing a vehicle damage report template include:

  • Accurate documentation: The form helps ensure that all damages are recorded in the same format, making it easier for you to track and manage damages.
  • Preventative maintenance: The form is a great way to promote safety and prevent further damage from occurring.
  • Time and money saving: By using a standardized vehicle damage report form, you can quickly and easily fill out the form, saving time and resources. It is a fast way to compare damages across different vehicles, making it easier to identify the source of any damage.

  • Lumiform provides a free printable vehicle damage report template or you can sign up on the Lumiform App and get access to a variety of features to protect your business from any liability and promote safety.

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