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Warehouse Audit Checklist

Warehouse managers can use this general warehouse inspection checklist for, among other things, onsite inspections, tripping hazards, signage, testing and marking, and PPE. The checklist can be edited to meet the safety requirements of the warehouse.

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Warehouse Audit Checklist



Are all areas clean (housekeeping)?
Are all electrical cables either out of the way or guarded so that they don't present a tripping hazard?
Are all sidewalks clear?
Are all lights functional?
Is the sign for the shelf weight legible?
Are the shelves correctly stacked (no falling objects)?
Are safety signs in place and legible?
Is the first aid kit stocked and dated?
Is emergency equipment (fire extinguisher reel, fire extinguisher, first aid kit) readily accessible to all employees?
Lifting gear tested and tagged with the date
Electrical tested and tagged with the date
Are there no sharp edges or protruding sheets?
Are safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals on site?
Are fuels etc. stored in ventilated rooms?
Is PPE worn?
Are the facilities clean?
Are the trash cans overloaded?
Will the waste be separated?
Are forklift cards and competences up-to-date?
Is the commissioning of the forklift truck completed?
Is the forklift truck maintenance up to date
Are all employees trained?

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Warehouse Audit Checklist: Improving Compliance and Efficiency

For a warehouse business to remain productive and well-organized, frequent audits are essential. Using a thorough warehouse audit checklist is crucial for streamlining this process and guaranteeing conformity to industry standards.

An organised tool for evaluating several aspects of your warehouse, such as inventory control, storage procedures, worker safety, equipment maintenance, and regulatory compliance, is a warehouse audit checklist. It assists in locating possible problem areas, safety hazards, and process-streamlining possibilities.

A warehouse audit checklist can help you do extensive analyses, spot operational flaws, and put remedial measures in place. It makes it possible for you to keep precise inventory records, maximise space usage, guarantee equipment operation, and improve workplace safety.

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