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Corrective Action Request

Send a corrective action request to your suppliers via mobile app.

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Supplier Corrective Action Request Form

This template for supplier corrective action request documents the supplier's response to your offer.

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Supplier Corrective Action Request Template

Use this comprehensive supplier corrective action report form to accurately investigate on the root cause of the nonconformity, including the direct cause, detection cause, and systemic cause.

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What are corrective action request forms?

A corrective action request is used to formally notify suppliers to request corrective action on a defective process or service. Corrective action is an aspect of quality management to correct a task, process, product, or even an individual's behavior when any of these factors produce errors or deviate from the original plan.

Corrective action request forms can be viewed as improving relationships with a supplier to eliminate undesirable effects. Corrective action may apply to an entire contract if the results from materials and services deviate from the desired yield.

Corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) requests are used more frequently in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food products. However, they are also used in other areas of manufacturing.

This article contains:

1. 5 reasons for corrective action requests

2. Benefits of corrective action request forms

3. A digital solution for corrective action requests

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5 reasons for corrective action requests

The corrective action request process involves clear identification of a problem and thorough documentation of resources and steps to alleviate symptoms. However, the main goal is to find and resolve the root cause of the problem. Ideally, corrective action requests are made only for critical and recurring problems:

  • Contractual Nonconformances - Ensure that The communicated and expected deliverables should have been provided. These can be tracked through the contractually established guidelines.
  • Deficiencies in the First Article - The First Article should meet the design requirements and its functionality.
  • Overall Poor Performance - Delivery delays or other problems occur, or the supplier demonstrates poor service in the fulfillment process.
  • Health and Safety Hazards - When problems occur that endanger the health or safety of customers and the general public.
  • Customer Requests - In circumstances where a customer requests a change in form, fit and function.

In a request for corrective action, outline the problem statement and its implications. Recommend completion of a factory acceptance test by the supplier to immediately correct the nonconformance and avoid costly production delays.

The benefits of corrective action request forms

Requests for corrective action can seem bureaucratic and lengthy, but they offer numerous benefits:

  1. Corrective action request forms help with problem resolution.
  2. The corrective action request form assists in detailing the steps to be taken to resolve a particular issue.
  3. The request process brings transparency to corporate activities and strengthens the team and action relationships.
  4. Insights can be gained for future events and developments.

The downside of a corrective action request can be poor implementation. Then corrective action can become a bureaucratic burden when corrective action requests are made for even minor incidents. Corrective actions also run the risk of focusing on the symptoms rather than the cause. Moreover, they can become an additional burden on employees.

An app & software for corrective action requests

Lumiform is a powerful app and desktop software that helps quality managers of both parties take immediate action to eliminate the cause of a nonconformity. Also, mitigate risks of product recalls and properly document corrective actions for ISO certification or compliance.

With Lumiform's mobile app, you easily submit corrective action requests via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. With the desktop software, you track progress. This significantly reduces the risk of lost quality, documentation errors, and reputational damage. With Lumiform, quality managers can:

  • Convert individual paper lists into digital corrective action request forms within minutes using the flexible form builder.
  • Lumiform offers a variety of templates, for a quick and secure digital start.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, team applications are a breeze to complete and save time.
  • Bundle all test corrective action requests automatically in one report and send them immediately.
  • Gain insights for future events and developments through extensive analysis.

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