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Successful Staging With A Pre-Event Site Inspection Checklist

The site inspection checklist for event planners is a tool that helps them determine if the venue fits their client’s requirements. It guides them on what to check for and avoid overlooking any important item that is crucial to the success of the event.

What is A Pre-Event Site Inspection?

A pre-event site inspection helps event planners finalize a site or location for an upcoming event. Through a checklist, they are able to discover the limitations and benefits of a location, leading them to make more informed decisions so the rest of the planning can go on smoothly.

With an extensive event venue inspection checklist, event planners keep tabs on the littlest details, eliminating all possible problems from the planning process. They are prepared for all eventualities and can assess any possible risks or shortcomings of a location on the spot. Having assessed a location also supports the further planning of the event and the checklist can be consulted all throughout the staging process.

When creating a site inspection checklist, you need to consider timing, external reviews, and inspection fees in order to be prepared for everything and stay in control of operations.

  • Timing: Event venues often make last-minute adjustments. Therefore, it is advisable to schedule another visit one day before the event happens. Just make sure that you have adequate time to make adjustments when changes occur.
  • External Reviews: Aside from conducting a visual inspection of the venue, also look at what other people are saying about the location. It can give you a more well-rounded insight before making a decision.
  • Inspection Fees: Call the property personnel to ask for the fee before the inspection. It will help you with your budgeting later on.

In this article, you will learn:

1. 5 Important Questions To Ask When Assessing A Site

2. Tips On How To Prepare For A Site Inspection

3. How A Software Can Help You With Site Inspections

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5 Important Things to Look for in a Site

Depending on the event you are planning there are different things to look out for in every venue, but there are important things to consider that can be applied to almost any location. We have listed out 5 questions you should ask during your site inspection in order to make sure you have all the basic information that is necessary for the successful staging of an event.


Most venues, especially the big ones, have a specified legal capacity limit. Knowing this helps you adjust your guest list early on in the planning process and avoid any last-minute cancellations.

This information is critical when ticket sales are included. Having an idea about the seat limitations helps you save up on the cost of the merchandise.


Ask the site manager about the required permits for the venue and the event you’re going to hold. Thus, you have an idea of what permits to process and secure before moving forward.


The reputation of the vendors you’re doing business with is also important. Ask the opinions of other planners regarding the vendor to save you from a lot of headaches later on, make connections and involve other people. A reputable vendor will even assist you with your needs.


Your production and planning crew needs a place to store their paraphernalia. Thus, the accessibility of the storage area of the event venue is essential. If a storage area is not available, create a plan on how to set up a stockroom near the main site without disturbing the overall layout.


Anticipate delays and power outages that can extend the event. Does the vendor have some solution for this? Ask how late an event can run without incurring extra charges.

How to Prepare For A Pre-Site Inspection: 4 Tips

Before going to the venue, connect with at least three other event planners to gain insider information you might need during the site visit. Ask questions to gain more information that is not included in the materials you already have. Do your research as best as you can and make sure to ask the important questions.

Aside from these, there are other things you need to prepare:

  1. Research
    Focus on the details about the site and the premises around it. Check all the resources that the venue provides ahead of time. These might include virtual tours, floor plans, and more. Don’t forget to ask your team for additional insight and suggestions. Go over your list to see if there are additional requests you need to address.
  2. Prepare business cards
    Ensure you bring enough business cards for the site’s sales rep and other staff. It will come in handy to build your network and get more referrals. This way you can refer back to the site in question and build a good reputation for yourself and your team.
  3. Pack the right tools
    Always bring a camera, or ensure your phone has enough storage and is adequately charged in order to document your site assessment. Don’t forget to bring your pre-event site inspection checklist as well so you won’t overlook anything and make sure you fill the form in diligently.
  4. Focus on your goal
    It is important to know what you are looking for, but just as important to be aware of and clear on the things you don’t need. For example, if your client does not need a pool area, tell the site manager beforehand so you don’t waste your time touring the area later during the inspection. Instead, have a list of areas you must check and insist on visiting them when you conduct your inspection.

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Conduct Successful Site Inspections With A Digital Checklist Maker

Lumiform’s audit and checklist app helps you perform a variety of quality inspections on the go from your smartphone or tablet – online or offline. Create checklists for your entire event planning processes and use a pre-event site inspection checklist to collect data in the field and while you’re on the go in order to plan the best event possible.

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