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Be More Organized During Your Real Estate Process With a Seller Listing Checklist

A seller listing checklist will help you prepare listings and market your property so you can sell it quickly. In this article you will learn more about real estate practices, how you can display your property at its best and make sure you sell it efficiently.

What is a Seller listing checklist

A seller listing checklist is necessary because selling a real estate property is a complex endeavor. It can be a laborious task to get all documents ready while at the same time trying to manage marketing efforts. Plus, you also have to meet deadlines.

There are various stages involved in listing a property for sale. You need to prepare a real estate listing checklist for agents so you can make the most out of each listing and close deals. It will help you be more organized during each stage of the listing process. It’s important not to skip important stages so you can close the property without hiccups.

This article covers the following topics:

1. What is the secret to fast sale of a property?

2. How do you prepare the property for showings?

3. Digital support for an agent listing checklist

Real Estate Checklist and Plan

What is the secret to fast sale of a property?

Sign a Listing Agreement

The first item in a seller listing checklist is signing a listing agreement. It is an employment contract between you, the real estate agent and the property owner. It is a document that proves the owner gives you the authority to act as their agent. It must include basic information like who the owner is, their contact information, and the listing price. The listing agreement must also indicate the scope of representation, the type of listing, dispute resolution, and compensation structure.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection can help you sell the property faster and gain the trust of your ideal buyers. As the name suggests, it is an inspection done before you officially list the property for sale. A licensed home inspector will evaluate your property and identify issues and provide suggestions for repairs.

Confirm Property Information & Input in the MLS

Once you are done finalizing and signing the listing agreement, enter the listing in the appropriate Multiple Listing Service (MLS). If the property has been listed before, you might find some additional information from previous listings. However, you should always confirm the veracity of the property details with the owner and property appraiser’s website to make sure the info you have are up-to-date.

Take High-Definition Photos of the Property

Many potential buyers look for property listings online. So, you must include HD photos of the property in your listing agent checklist. High-definition images are better at highlighting the property’s best interior features. Low-quality photos will be blurry when zoomed in or when printed on marketing materials such as tarpaulins. Also, show off exterior views of the property with drone images.

Post Your Sign on the Property

Post a “For Sale” sign on the property to let neighbours, locals, and passersby know that the home is for sale. This is one of the oldest real estate marketing strategy and it is effective at attracting potential homebuyers’ attention. It can also get the attention of other property sellers in the neighbourhood, so it’s a good idea to include your information on the signage. But before you proceed to print the signage, research local rules and restrictions to make sure it is compliant with local zoning regulations.

Deal with Security Issues

You might find some security issues in the property depending on whether it is owner-occupied, empty, or occasionally rented. If the property is empty or you are hosting an open house when the owner is not around, a lockbox might be a good solution. Ask the seller if there is a working security system installed at the property. If there is one, make sure you have the code and you know how to arm and disarm the security system.

How do you prepare the property for showings?

Preparing the property for scheduled showings can help tremendously in selling the property. Here are a few things to include in your seller listing checklist:

  • Pay attention to curb appeal. Make sure that the driveway is clean, leaves are racked and the lawn is freshly cut.
  • Ensure that stairs, entryways, and closets are organized and clutter-free.
  • A home’s kitchen is usually its biggest selling feature. Make sure that the kitchen is clean and everything is in its intended place.
  • Bathrooms often have a significant influence on a buyer’s decision. Make sure it is spotlessly clean and tidy.
  • Make sure the property’s temperature is comfortable.
  • Make sure valuables and personal belongings are stored securely during a scheduled showing.
  • Check windows and floors for stains or damages. Remedy before the showing.

Design an Attractive Brochure

Brochures are effective marketing materials because they provide a lot of information about the property. When designing your brochure, don’t forget to include images and other details. Come up with different versions and customize each to appeal to a specific audience, like newlyweds or retirees.

Email the Listing to Your Leads

A successful real estate agent has several leads in his address book. And an effective listing checklist for agents will always tell you to spread the word about your new listing. So, email the listing to your leads.

Pick those who will likely be interested in the property. These are leads who are actively searching for properties in the area. Get a customer relationship management (CRM) tool if you don’t already have one. It can help you segment your leads into categories, making it easy for you to target high-quality leads.

Post the Listing on Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms are where many leads are hanging out. They are great places to find homebuyers in the area. Plus, they have tools in place that can help with your real estate lead generation.

For example, Instagram lets you highlight the most stunning parts of the property. You can also share interesting details about the property and use hashtags to reach your ideal customer. Facebook ads let you share landing pages, blog posts, and links to listing brochures or webpages. You can use Facebook Insights to help you target a group of audience by choosing the location, interests, and demographics.

Hold an Open House

Holding an open house must always be in a real estate agent seller checklist. Get the property in front of many potential buyers all at once by holding an open house. An open house is traditionally done on Sunday afternoons. Consider this when scheduling so that potential buyers will drop by the house. Put up an open house sign so you will attract more people. Provide a sign-in sheet so you can contact the visitors for a follow-up.

Real estate agent handing the key to her client

Digital support for an agent listing checklist

Property managers or real estate agents often rely on paper home inspection forms and tedious data re-entry and photo uploads to prepare their home inspection reports. Using a digital home inspection checklist helps them complete their inspections on their mobile device and produce instant home inspection reports.

With Lumiform, you can fill out a home inspection checklist of your design on your mobile device during an inspection. Capture unlimited photos of the property, add annotations and notes, and send home inspection reports to clients in real time. Benefit from the advantages of a digital home inspection checklist:

  • Get an overview of everything that happens during a home inspection.
  • Through more efficient communication within the team and with your client, the entire listing and buying process is transparent and will help you gain trust.
  • Lumiform offers a plethora of ready-made templates that help you get your listing processes started digitally in no time.
  • If you prefer to design your own checklists, you can use our intuitive template builder and adjust it whenever needed without the hassle of re-printing and re-distributing your lists.
  • Using our super intuitive mobile App, you and your teammates conduct home inspections with ease and in no time.
  • All results, images and comments areautomatically bundled in a digital home inspection report to view and analyse at your convenience: whenever and wherever you are.

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