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SQF (Safe Quality Food)

Use these templates for an SQF checklist to ensure quality control in the food industry.

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SQF Audit Checklist - Food Manufacturing

Discover if your company's processes are aligned with the SQF standard for food manufacturing.

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Food Safety Audit Checklist Template

Manage with our templates for a food safety audit, that your staff follows the company standards. Check the compliances with our audit checklist.

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What is SQF?

The SQF (Safe Quality Food) programme is designed to assure the quality and safety of food using the HACCP food safety system. The SQF certification is an established and recognised food industry standard that is conducted annually. The SQF standard is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

A SQF Audit is the competent assessment of food safety maintenance processes. It helps you to ensure suppliers, as well as other businesses in the food supply chain, comply with SQF standards.

This article contains:

1. SQF: 3 levels of Certification

2. 4 steps to prepare for the SQF Certification

3. 6 benefits of the SQF Certification

4. The benefits of Lumiform software for SQF certification

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SQF: 3 levels of certification

There are three levels of certification recognised for food safety. These are suitable for primary producers and farmers, as well as food manufacturers and distribution networks.

  • Level 1 - Food safety basics

  • Level 2 - A HACCP concept

  • Level 3 - A Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Assurance System

4 steps to prepare for SQF certification

  1. Ask a trained SQF-inspector to check the latest SQF code that is appropriate for your segment in the food supply chain and log into the SQF database.

  2. Create a HACCP food safety plan tailored to your segment and the needs of your business.

  3. Control food safety regularly through audits and document them comprehensively.

  4. Define your organisation's competencies and determine what risks are identified and actions taken to meet the requirements for SQF certification. You can also hire an external inspector for the SQF-audits.

  5. 6 Benefits of SQF Certification

    With SQF certification, you not only constantly improve your processes, but you also identify risks more easily and in a more structured way. Other benefits of an SQF management system are:

    1. Continuous monitoring of the safety and quality of the products
    2. Fulfilment of the duty of care
    3. Increased confidence in food safety and quality
    4. Continuous alignment with food safety regulations and legislation
    5. Maximising profits through flawless food
    6. No food recalls due to poor quality

    The benefits of Lumiform software for SQF certification

    With Lumiform's mobile app, you can easily perform any type of quality and safety inspection via tablet or smartphone - online or offline. You report problems and vulnerabilities in no time and quickly assign corrective actions to responsible colleagues. Easy communication with third-party providers enables you to improve internal processes and solve incidents and food quality weaknesses more efficiently.

    Using the desktop software, you create checklists and evaluate the data collected in the field. In addition, clean, transparent documentation helps you to always meet the legal requirements.

    Digitize checklists and internal procedures with Lumiform:

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