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Follow standards with a food safety audit checkllist template

Food safety is a top priority for any business, and ensuring that your staff follows company standards is essential to protecting the food you produce. This food safety audit checklist template makes managing this process easy, and that all aspects of food safety are addressed.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Follow standards with a food safety audit checkllist template


HACCP Program CCP Compliance

CCP in control
Is CCP documentation complete and in control
Can area technician explain CCP in his work area?
Are receiving technicians following proper sampling procedures?

Essential Glass and Brittle Plastic Program

Are there any broken pieces of glass or brittle plastic impacting food safety?
Is the Glass/Brittle Plastic listing current?

Master Cleaning Schedule

Is the Master Cleaning Schedule being followed?
Are all areas not called out in MCS being adequately cleaned? (ie deep cleaning areas such as floors)

Pest Control

Is there any uncontrolled pest infestation or activity in the area?
Are there points of entry to the area that would not preclude pest entry?

Good Manufacturing Practices

Are cleaning tools properly identified, clean, and stored?
Is equipment used to perform equipment rate checks clean, labeled correctly , and stored properly?
Are there SOC's in the area not properly contained?
Are technicians following GMP standards? (PPE, hair nets, beard restraints,etc.)
Does the area or building meet GMP standards?
Are equipment rate checks current and in control?
Are portable equipment and utensils with product contact surfaces stored in a location and manner that protects product contact surfaces from contamination?
Are back flow preventers working properly and inspections current?
Are cleaning utensils that come in contact with product contact surfaces properly stored off the floor or wall?
Is rubbish and any offal conveyed, stored, and disposed of so as to minimize the development of odor, minimize the potential for pest breeding and harborage, and protect against contamination of product, product-contact surfaces, water supplies and ground surfaces?

Chemical Control

Are the hazardous chemicals in the area stored properly and away from the process flow?
Is the inventory of cleaning chemicals properly stored? Current storage area is waste water treatment plant

Foreign Material Control

Are magnet inspections current and properly documented?
Are incoming liquid strainers inspections current and documentation complete?
Is the integrity of receiving grates sufficient and intact?
Are receiving pits covered when not in use?
Are external receiving lines capped and secure?
Are liquid receiving hoses clean and stored in such a way as to preclude cross contamination?
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Create a safe and hygienic work environment with a food safety audit checklist template

Food safety is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It's essential that your staff follows company standards and practices, in order to ensure food safety. Your team can use this food safety audit checklist template to check their compliance with company standards.

Food safety is important to prevent foodborne illnesses. Proper cooking, storage and handling of food can help reduce the risk of contamination. Wash hands and surfaces often, separate raw and cooked foods, cook to the right temperature and refrigerate perishables promptly.

A food safety audit checklist template is used to help restaurants ensure their food safety standards are in line with industry regulations. It lists items to inspect and tasks to complete to ensure food safety. The template includes sections for evaluating food storage, handling, and preparation; kitchen and dining areas; sanitization procedures; and more. It also includes questions and notes to help restaurants review and document their procedures. The template is an invaluable resource for restaurants looking to ensure their food safety standards are up to date.

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