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Food Defense Checklist

Use digital checklists to keep a constant eye on the food defense audit.

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Food Safety Checklist Template

Use this food safety checklist template to guarantee that food is accurately stored, handled, and prepared.

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What is a food inspection checklist?

Food safety inspection can identify issues of food adulteration or contamination. Being proactive about food inspection is critical to protect consumers or factories from damage.The goal of routine food defense assessment is to avoid costly recalls and food production disruptions.

Food defense audit checklists help you perform regular hygiene inspections in a structured, standardized manner so that quality standards can be maintained. Potential issues in the quality of products can be identified and eliminated without complications. This not only ensures satisfied customers, but also ensures that you comply with legal requirements of the food.

This article covers the following topics:

1. The benefits of a food defense audits checklist

2. 4 steps to maximum food monitoring

3. A digital application for a food defense audits checklist

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The benefits of a food defense audit checklist

Food defense is carried out by the responsible offices on a spot-check basis. External auditors conduct standardized food defense audits to verify that the necessary precautions and measures for safe and hygienic products have been taken. A reliable and routine food inspection procedure through checklists is therefore highly recommended.

By using food defense audits checklists, you and your team independently carry out the necessary inspections. So you can always have an overview of your food standard and food issues. In the event of random food inspections by external auditors, you have nothing to fear, as you have carried out internal inspections on your own and documented them neatly and properly and will meet the standards of a brc internal audit.

4 steps to maximum food inspection

1. Food inspection

In conducting food defense assessments, it is important to ensure that products and foods meet the prescribed standards. Samples of individual food products are taken according to a established plan. The samples are then examined according to the following criteria.

  • sensory
    (appearance, smell, taste)
  • analytical
    (Toxic food components)
  • microbiological
    (Pathogenic microorganisms)

2. production hygiene control

Production hygiene is emphasized in the food defence assesstems process. Food auditors check the records of incoming goods, proper storage and important compliance with the cold chain. Another important pillar in production hygiene is the handling of pest control, waste management and the cleaning process in the plant.

3. Documentation of internal processes

In this step, the verifiable documentation of internal processes is checked. It is essential to trace where and by whom the food was produced, purchased, and processed. Evidence and invoices should be properly sorted and stored.

4. Employee screening and personnel hygiene

When dealing with food, training is essential to keep employees informed of all processes and keep them aware of changes and recent changes. Important components of staff training are staff hygiene, protective clothing, hygiene measures, infection control, and production procedures. Staff training should be conducted regularly and attended by the team on a mandatory basis

A digital application for food defense audit checklists

To perform regular food defense audits in the most standardized way, a digital checklist can be very helpful. Any kind of quality check can be carried out quite easily via tablet or smartphone. Step by step, all checkpoints can be answered and food monitoring is carried out reliably.

With Lumiform, you comply with the constantly increasing legal requirements for food safety documentation more easily by documenting with the mobile app via smartphone or tablet and being guided by the system through all documentation processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps you avoid hefty fines. The easiest way to do that is with a digital solution like Lumiform.

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