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Baler Safety Template

This baler safety inspection template is used to check the working condition of a baler. Also assessing the different parts of the machine and other miscellaneous parts. It helps in identifying if there are baler parts that need relevant attention.

You can also check out our baler safety checklist and use it with this template.

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Baler Safety Template

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Serial No.
Model No.
Name and Signature


Slip Clutch set properly
Slip clutch functions
Conditions of Shields


Wheel bearings
Torque wheel bolts
Oil Level in gear and case
Breather in gear case
Oil level in hydraulic bale tension reservoir
Leaks in the hydraulic cylinder and hoses
Hardware missing
Lubricate entire machine
Auger flighting
Auger drive belt
Condition of feeder fingers
Equal angle hitch set properly
Shear bolts
Tire Pressure
Safety decal
Adjust bale measure control
Baler timing
Adjust crank stop
Adjust needle lift link
Knotter drive brake pads - condition & adjustment

Bale Ejector

Oil Level
Leaks in cylinder or hoses
All shields in place
Pump Drive sheaves alignment
Trip pedal adjusted
Lubricate entire machine
Latch spring length
Safety decals in place
Torque wagon hitch bolts
Condition of pan
Condition of safety screens
Operation of electric controls

Twine Knotter

Clean billhook and throat of wiper arm
Condition of wiper arm knife
Adjustment of intermittent knotter gear & Pinions
Adjustment of tucker fingers
Adjustment of needles
Adjustment of wiper arm
Adjustment of twine disk and holder
Remove shape edges from the throat of wipe arm
Twine threaded properly
Spring-loaded twine tension plate

Plunger Head

Condition of wear pads and/or bearings
Condition of lower right-hand guide
Condition and adjustment of stationary knife
Condition and adjustment of scrapers
Condition of crack and pitman bearing
Plunger head alignment in bale chamber
Plunger head moves freely through complete cycle


Proper Float
Replace missing or broken teeth
Condition of strippers
Gauge wheel


Sprocket Alignment
Wear in sprockets and chains
Chain tension

Wire twister

Polish throut of twister hook
Wire pulleys turn freely
Proper wire threading
Adjust needles
Adjust wire guides
Adjust grippers
Adjust twister hooks
Bevel gear and pinion
Adjust intermittent drive gear
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