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Canteen Hygiene Inspection Checklist

A canteen hygiene inspection checklist is useful for establishments providing food services, such as cafeterias, restaurants, and canteens. It is designed to help businesses maintain a high level of hygiene, safety, and sanitation on their premises. The checklist covers various aspects of a canteen, including proper food storage, food handling, and cleaning and sanitizing.

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Canteen Hygiene Inspection Checklist



1. Legal awareness and standards e.g. guide to good hygiene and practice - catering guide
2. Food safety risk assessment: identification of food hazards control at CCP's


3. Audits
4. Surface / utensil swabbing regime
5. Documentation and records of above


6. New starter training - food / personal hygiene
7. Food handlers - EH Basic hygiene certificate
8. Management - intermediate / advanced food hygiene
9. Return to work screening - sickness / holiday / new starters
10. Protective workwear and jewellery


11. Hand-wash stations adequate
12. Separation of raw food preparation areas
13. Lighting and ventilation
14. Separate refrigeration for raw and cooked food
15. Signage for separate refrigeration for raw and cooked food
16. Fridge temperatures -
17. Temperature checks of chilled foods recorded daily
18. Temperature probe calibrated
19. Temperature probe sanitised
20. Chilled display protected by 'sneeze' guard
21. Ambient food storage conditions
22. Slicing machine - condition and controls
23. Segregation of utensils (boards and knives) and separate storage
24. Microwave ovens - minimum 1000 watts
25. Microwave ovens - maintenance contract


26. Checks on delivery - visual and temperatures
27. Records of delivery checks
28. Frozen products defrosted in refrigeration
29. Internal temperature of defrosted food checked before use
30. Cooking - internal temperature at >75 deg for raw protein foods recorded per shift
31. Chilling of cooked food within 30 minutes of cooking
32. Records kept of internal cooking temps / chilling times
33. Reheated food - internal temperature checked to be 75 deg
34. Temperature of food 63 deg during display and service
35. Temperatures of food checked and recorded during service
36. Refrigerated, frozen, ambient stored food all with dates


37. Good design for cleaning
38. Effective dishwasher working
39. Scourers plastic and in good condition
40. Cloths, disposable and in good condition
41. Drying cloths - disposable or controls on cotton towels
42. Oven gloves - clean / good condition
43. Cleaning schedules - written with frequency / who / materials
44. Cleaning records and sign off


45. Pest control contract In place / effective
46. Pest proofing - windows / doors / EFK


47. Water quality checks


48. Audited supplier
49. All eggs with a best before date
50. Stored below 5 deg in raw fridge
51. Hand wash / gloves after handling eggs


52. Written specifications for purchase of foods
53. Main suppliers and high risk food suppliers audited, with records.


54. Refrigerated storage available
55. Area cleaned satisfactorily
56. Consumption only in canteen
57. Microwave ovens clean


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How a canteen hygiene inspection checklist is an invaluable tool for any business that serves food.

Canteen hygiene inspection checklists are essential for any business that serves food, as they ensure safety and hygiene standards are met. This checklist helps to ensure that all food items, surfaces, and equipment are regularly inspected and cleaned. The checklist can help boost operational efficiency by quickly identifying any potential problems and addressing them before they become larger issues. It also helps reduce the potential for health and safety hazards while maintaining the highest hygiene standards.

A canteen hygiene inspection checklist is also a great tool for training staff in good hygiene practices. It can help to ensure that all employees are aware of the necessary safety and hygiene procedures and are following them consistently.

Thus the benefits of using a canteen hygiene inspection checklist are numerous. Businesses can feel secure that they assess the hygiene, safety, and cleanliness of their premises and staff in an efficient way. Lumiform's customizable checklist includes a series of questions that need to be answered, such as whether food is being stored or whether the personnel is informed about the business's standards. The checklist can be customized to your business's needs and standards in order to ensure that their premises maintain high hygiene, safety, and sanitation standard. This can help reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses, reduce costs associated with cleaning and sanitizing, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can help businesses identify areas of improvement and ensure they are taking the necessary.

By using Lumiform's digital canteen hygiene inspection checklist, you can ensure that all of your staff are following the necessary procedures and that the quality and safety of your food are always up to standard.

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