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Cleaning Room Checklist Template

Use this room checklist to oversee the entirety of the cleaning process from spray bottle to paper document. Make sure that all of your training and induction records as well as safety data sheets and risk assessments are up-to-date and on hand. In addition, you’ll also want to ensure all onsite chemicals are labeled in order to stay in compliance with the occupational health and safety act. There’s a lot more that goes into a cleaning operation than what’s listed here. Stay on top of it all with our free template.

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Cleaning Room Checklist Template


Are training and induction records on site and up to date?
Is there safety data sheets (within 5yrs old from date of issue) on site along with risk assessments for any hazardous chemicals (also within 5yrs old) and a chemical register?
Are chemical and spray bottles all correctly labeled?
Is there a first aid kit on site clearly visible and fully stocked? If a client's kit is used, then a sign is clearly visible stating where the kit is.
All electrical equipment is tested and tagged (every 6 months) and in good condition (no cuts or tears etc.)
There are Danger Do Not Use tags on site?
There is a BMS forms folder on site with the correct version documents in it?
Are all SPS documents on site controlled properly?
The emergency evacuation plan is displayed either in the cleaners room or the common area and is relevant to the cleaners?
Are there duty rosters on site, and are they accurate?
Are there correct policies on site, e.g. Mission statement, Quality, OH&S, Environmental, Key, & security?
Bunding is on site for any hazardous chemicals?
Is the cleaners room kept clean?
Are there any maintenance issues to report?
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