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Infection Control Audit

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Hand Hygiene
Are all staff are instructed good hand hygiene training upon induction?
Is liquid soap is available at all communal sinks?
Are paper towels are available at all communal sinks?
Are handwash areas are free from reusable towels?
Are sinks in clinical areas free from cups and drinking facilities?
Is the hand wash basin clear? E.g no equipment soaking in the sink?
Is there alcohol hand rub available throughout the home?
Are the mixer taps thermostatically controlled in clinical sinks? Is hot water available?
Are the sinks in clinical areas free from nail brushes, clothes etc.?
Are the hands of clinical staff free from jewellery? E.g watches, rings etc.
Any other comments?
Sharps handling and disposal
Is the sharps box available for use and conform to the British standard 7320 and UN 3291?
Is the sharps box the appropriate size for the amount of use?
Is the box is less than 3/4 full with no sharp objects protruding?
Is the sharps box correctly assembled? Ensure that the lid is secure.
Is the sharps box labelled with a point of source?
Are all sharps disposed of directly into a sharps box following use?
Is the sharps box locked when 3/4 full and not reused?
Have you ensured that sharp objects have not been decanted from one receptacle to another?
Are staff aware of procedures following a sharps injury/significant exposure?
A sharps/significant exposure policy is available? (see needle stick)
Full sharps boxes are stored in a designated locked area awaiting collection/disposal?
Any other comments?
Waste disposal
Is a clinical waste policy available?
Is the clinical waste policy known to all staff?
Do all clinical areas have foot operated waste bins?
Are the foot operated waste bins in good working order?
Are yellow waste bags used for the disposal of clinical waste?
Are waste bags less than 3/4 full and securely tied when they are 3/4 full?
Is all household waste stored in black bags and securely tied?
Are clinical waste and domestic water correctly segregated?
Is clinical waste stored in the designated area prior to disposal?
Is the storage area of clinical waste locked and inaccessible to unauthorised persons?
Is the storage area cleaned at lest weekly and immediately after a spill?
Are bags labelled with source - in accordance with duty of care?
Is appropriate protective clothing available for staff handling clinical waste bags?
Is the collection of clinical waste undertaken by a registered company and disposed of by incineration?
Any other comments?
Kitchen area
Is the kitchen subject to regular inspection from the environmental health agency?
Is the floor clean and dry?
Is there evidence that the kitchen is free from infestation or animals?
Are cleaning materials used in the kitchen identifiable and stored separately away from food?
Does the separate dedicated hand wash sink have liquid soap and paper towels available?
Are all fixtures and fittings in a good state of repair?
Are all fixtures, surfaces and appliances clean and dry?
Are all shelves, cupboards and drawers clean and free from dust and in a good state of repair?
Are all cooking appliances visibly clean?
Is the oven, and other cooking appliances, in good working order?
Are refrigerators and freezers clean and free from ice build up?
Is a thermometer present in all refrigerators and freezers?
Is there evidence of daily temperatures being recorded?
Is all of the milk stored in the refrigerator?
Is the bread stored in a clean, dry container?
Is the waste bin emptied as necessary with the bin liner tied? Is the bin liner disposed of properly?
Any other comments?
Laundry facilities
Is the laundry room clean and free from dust?
Is the laundry room free from cleaning materials? *The laundry room should be free from all cleaning materials
Are the mop buckets clean and free from embedded dirt or grime?
Are there dedicated hand hygiene facilities available with liquid soap and paper towels?
Is all equipment in the laundry room clean?
Are the machines free from rust and in a good state of repair?
Is there a bin in situ with a yellow bag for clinical waste?
Is the door kept locked at all times?
Any other comments?
Communal areas
Is all furniture clean and in a good state of repair?
Are all floor coverings clean and in a good state of repair?
Are all high horizontal surfaces free from dust?
Are all low level surfaces free from dust?
Where extractor fans are in operation, are they clean and free from dust?
Are all curtains and blinds in a good state of repair?
Are the toilets free of extraneous items
Are all fixtures and fittings in good repair throughout?
Is liquid soap available at all hand washing sinks?
Are disposable paper towels available at all wall mounted dispensers?
Are waste disposal facilities appropriate? (see section 3 "waste disposal")
Are toilet seats dry and are all toilet aids clean and dry?
Any other comments?
Cleaning and disinfectant
Is general purpose neutral detergent available?
Are disinfectants used in accordance with manufacturers instructions?
Is Impervious flooring such as vinyl is used whenever bodily fluid spillage is frequent and predictable?
Are carpets impervious?
Is all furniture and equipment capable of being cleaned and decontaminated?
Are cleaning and disinfectant agents stored appropriately and immediately after use?
Are spillages of blood and other bodily fluids appropriately cleaned and disinfected?
Are all single patient use devices used only for an individual patient and destroyed on completion of treatment as appropriate?
Any other comments?
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