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Construction daily report template

Use this Construction Daily Report of Activities to register the tasks for the day. Give details about the job, weather condition, workforce, directions given, delays, and elements. Report any risks observed or incidents that happened and attach photos. Indicate examinations that occurred and record visitants in the workplace. Finish the report by adding a digital signature of the manager or site supervisor.

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Construction daily report template


Job Description

Job designation:
Job No.:

Weather Information

Weather report:
current temperature:
Winds in km/h
Precipitation at A.M.
Precipitation at P.M.

Job Workforce

Crew title:
Crew No.:
Total No. of hours:
Full name of Subcontractor:
Crew No.:
Total No. of working hours:

Daily Activities

Describe the daily activities for today and the phase of the project:
Photo/s if necessary:

More Information

Did you start the work on time?
Were you formally instructed to stop?
Were there any verbal instructions?
Was a subcontractor instructed (verbal or written) to do something?
Were any fieldwork requests received or performed today?
Was any Subcontractor planned to begin or material to be delivered but didn't?
Were you asked to do any extra tasks?


Was a workplace examination done today?
Were there any hazards on the workplace observed or events that happened today?
Do all Subcontractors follow the THG Safety Management Program?


Was any QA/QC examination implemented today?

Visitor Information

Were there any visitors today?


Name and signature of the Foreman or Supervisor:
Name and signature of the inspector (in case it was someone else):
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