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Closing On A House Checklist

A closing checklist is a comprehensive list of items you’ll need before you can be ready to seal the deal on a house. One of the most important reasons for this type of checklist is to ensure the buyer has the financial means to purchase the property. It also provides a paper trail in case of legal complaints later down the line. Review this checklist to make sure you have the following documents:

  • • Transaction Information
  • • Buyer’s Documents
  • • Inspection Reports
  • • Buyer’s Financing
  • • Walk Through Notes
  • • Closing Documents
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Closing On A House Checklist


Transaction Information

Closing Date
Property Address:
Buyer Name(s):
Seller Name(s):
Title Co./Closing Agent:
Contract Price:

Buyers Documents

P&S contract signed by Buyer & Seller:
Contract delivered to Buyer & Seller:
Exit Multiple Disclosure Statement signed by Buyer & Seller:
HOA (if applicable) signed by Buyer & Seller:
Homeowner Association Cost:
Documents uploaded to Paperless Pipeline:
Binder turned into Title Company:
Binder Amount:
Home warranty provided:

Inspection Report

Inspection Date:
Inspection preformed & paid for by Buyer:
Repair Request submitted:
Repairs (is any) to be completed by licensed contractor:
Termite Bond transferable?
WDO inspection preformed:

Buyers Financing

Finance Contingency Period
Finance Contingency Ends:
Lender information:
Loan Approval:
Loan documents complete & sent to underwriting:
Appraisal Complete:
Appraised Value:

Walk Through

Walk through preformed:
Wall through date:
Property has been upheld & maintained by Seller:
Transfer Utilities:

Closing Documents

HUD received/reviewed:
Wire transfer instructions received:
Survey Completed:
Closing Gift:
Realtor Review/testimonial video:
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