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Standarize deliveries with a delivery order template

A shipment form can help prevent confusion and delivery errors when shipping goods. It is an essential document used by dispatchers to instruct carriers to release shipments to freight forwarders. This delivery order form template includes details of the shipment content, as well as the origin and destination address.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Standarize deliveries with a delivery order template

Delivery Order

Shipping Details

Shipper Reference Number
Port of Origin
Port of Destination
Consignor/Shipper Name
Consignor/Shipper Address
Consignee Name
Consignee Address
Delivery Date and Time

Shipment Details

Volumetric Weight
Item image/s
Special Instructions
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Guarantee reliable deliveries with a shipment form

A shipment form is a document that proves responsibility for shipment has transitioned from carrier to freight forwarder. An extensive delivery order form template ensures that all the necessary information is easily accessible and organized. This document helps to streamline communication between dispatchers and carriers, making it easier for them to coordinate shipments.

The delivery order form for shipping should be clear and concise in order to avoid any confusion or errors during the shipping process.

Lumiform's digital delivery order form template is designed to support deskless workflows that are highly dependent on accurate information flow between employees. Paper delivery orders are a common way to track shipments and communicate information between different members of the shipping process. However, they are vulnerable to damage and can be slow because of this.

For this reason, Lumiform provides a digital shipment form which is much more reliable and efficient. It brings real-time data updates, improved accuracy, and convenient communication among dispatchers and coordinators because information can be sent anytime and anywhere.

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