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Manager Self-Evaluation Checklist

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Manager Self-evaluation
It is often necessary to make decisions without consulting others due to time pressures upon the task at hand.
People will come up with the best working methods when given minimal instruction.
People repeatedly come to me for advice and support, and I generously give it.
Teams operate best within a clear and structured framework of procedures.
The best decision will be the one with the largest consensus.
People have learned to not question my judgment, as I rarely back down when I am truly passionate about something.
If everyone is forced to perform the same task in the same way. The efficiencies gained outweigh the costs.
Half of the people are intrinsically hard working, but the other half needs to be pushed into completing work to a high enough standard.
Over time, we can continue to build upon and add to our systems and ways of doing things, which will make life easier.
I consult a variety of people when making decisions, but they tend to agree with my original idea anyway.
People constantly challenge my ideas and strategies because they know they are welcome when they do so.
I can say with 100 conviction that I do not micromanage.
I receive employee approval before making absolutely any changes to their working conditions or role, even if just for a day.
I have learned that people will never fail to positively surprise you if you leave them alone.
People see me as a leader, not a manager.
Cost savings can be made if everybody does exactly what they're told, and don't try to over-engineer solutions.
I try to delegate as many tasks as possible in their complete entirety.
Leadership is about making the right decisions, at the right time, and ensuring the workforce follow through with that decision with effectiveness.
I Iet people get back to me when they decide to, rather than getting in touch myself.
I feel responsible for my employees, and I look after them accordingly.
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