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Manual Handling Assessment

You can use this Manual Handling Assessment to assess the general safety of any task before employees commence work. This checklist can help evaluate if the workers are knowledgeable, trained, and practice safe lifting techniques. This Manual Handling Assessment also checks if load materials are labeled with their weight and are easy to grasp and carry. Use Lumiform to conduct digital assessments and generate comprehensive reports anytime, anywhere.

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Manual Handling Assessment


General Safety

Is the site clear from any obstruction?
Is the site spacious enough to permit the use of carts?
Are all workers trained in safe working postures?
Are all workers trained in safe lifting techniques, uses, and carrying devices?
Are all workers knowledgeable about manual handling policies and procedures?
Are rotation or rest breaks used to reduce time in awkward postures?
Are there enough workers to do individual workloads?
Are all workers instructed to get someone’s help when lifting heavy materials?
Do workers feel free to report muscular symptoms?

Manual Handling

Is the lifting technique require repeated manipulation of the load at a distance from the trunk?
Is the work being performed without twisting or overly bending the lower back?
Is the work being performed done without repeatedly lifting from floor level to above shoulder height?
Are all materials delivered as close as possible to where they will be used?
Are all materials stored at waist height?
Are all loads labeled with their weight?
Do materials have handles to help carry loads?
Are load materials easy to grasp?
Are load materials carried over in a short distance?
Are there carts, dollies, or other aids readily available for moving materials?


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