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Monthly Electrical Inspection for Generator

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Monthly Electrical Inspection for Generator


A1 = Inspection Completed - No Defects

A2 = Inspection Completed - Defect found and repaired - Requires no further attention

A3 = Defect found but not repaired. The equipment can still operate safely but should receive attention at the first opportunity.

A4 = Defect found that affects safety. Repairs not completed - Machine remains ou of service.

Generator Details

Plant or Rego #

Hour Meter Reading:



Serial #

No of Phases:

KVA Rating:

Output Amps:

Output Voltage:



Is there adequate ventilation for exhaust fumes

Has the generator been placed away from other workers

Has an earth stake been driven in where possible

Has the metal work been bonded

Mechanical & Thermal

Are all moving parts adequately guarded


Has the exhaust manifold been adequately guarded

Are all fuel lines adequately supported

Has an ON/OFF switch been provided and is accessible

Electrical Protection

Has all wiring been adequately mechanical protected

Electrical conductors appear in good condition

Battery terminations are tight and in good condition

Has over current protection been fitted on all out going circuits

Is there an isolation facility for all out going circuits

Has E/L protection been provided on all outgoing circuits

Electrical enclosures are IP 56

Safety signs visible

Is there an emergency stop fitted, accessible and operative

Is there a battery isolation switch fitted, accessible and operative

Record type or earth leakage protection fitted and the sensitivity setting

Record back up earth leakage

Check the following components have been earthed

Engine Frame

Generator Frame

Metal electrical equipment enclosures

Earth on all socket outlets

Fire Extinguisher

Operational Tests

Start generator without external leads connected

Record output voltage

Are all gauges operational

Is the generator ON/OFF switch operational

Does the earth leakage test trip the relevant circuit breaker

Have you set the over current protection to suit the load

Current setting:

Does the generator respond to load being applied and removed

Repairs required


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