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Multistack Chiller Maintenance Template

The Multistack Chiller Maintenance Template is an easy-to-use template that helps maintain and ensure the efficiency of your chillers. It provides comprehensive chiller maintenance tracking, preventive maintenance scheduling, and on-site troubleshooting and repair guides. It is designed to help you keep your chillers running in optimum condition. A chiller maintenance checklist is used to assess if commercial chillers are maintaining the setpoint to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Multistack Chiller Maintenance Template

Daily Commercial Chiller Maintenance Check

Select Chiller Maintenance Checklist items

Safety & Housekeeping

Is the mechanical room clean?
Are electrical panels closed?
Is the piping free from leaks?
Are all pieces of equipment properly assembled and put together?
Is the room well lit?
Are fire extinguishers present?

General Conditions

Is the chiller free of water leaks and condensation?
Is the chiller insulation without damages?
Is the chiller rust-free?
Is the chiller running smoothly and not short cycling?
Are the pumps relatively quiet?
Are the pumps free of leaks?
Is the piping insulation in good shape?

Working Conditions

Are the pressure & temperature gauges in good condition?
Is the chiller maintaining the setpoint?
Chiller Setpoint
Chiller Return Water Temperature
Chiller Supply Water Temperature
Condenser Water Supply Temperature
Condenser Water Return Temperature
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
Take a photo of Pressure Relief PSI

Sign Off

Additional Observations
Maintenance Technician Name & Signature
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The Multistack Chiller Maintenance Template is a user-friendly tool designed to help facility managers maintain an organized log of their chiller system's maintenance activities. This template offers an easy-to-follow format for tracking maintenance activities such as filter changes, lubrication, and component replacements. It also provides a summary of the most recent maintenance checks, along with the costs associated with them. This template is a great way to ensure that all maintenance activities related to the chiller system are performed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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