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Scaffolding Toolbox Talk Template

Scaffolds are temporary structures that support employees when working at height. Use this template for scaffolding for a work instruction to remind your employees of the general requirements of safety precautions. To avoid hazards to scaffolding such as unstable surfaces, insufficient foot and cross bracing, unsafe access and defective platforms. Use the Lumiform app to take photographs of damaged scaffolding and assign corrective actions while you create reports on site.

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Scaffolding Toolbox Talk Template


General Information

Describe the work to be performed

Scaffolding Safety Discussion

Common scaffold risks include unsteady bases, inadequate footings and cross bracing, insecure entrance and absence of guardrails and broken platforms.
All scaffolds are to be able to support, without failure, at least four times the maximum proposed load.
Leave mobile scaffolds before moved.
Use netting to catch anything that drops.
Stay off the scaffold while loading or unloading.
Do not hang tarps without inspection.
Use 3-point climbing (always 2 hands and a foot or 2 feet and a hand on the ladder)
Displace guardrails after loading or unloading.
Never leave debris/materials lying on a scaffold.
Do not stand on ties, guardrails, or extensions.
Never overreach outside the guardrails.
Always wear fall protection gear on workplace to prevent accidents.

Follow up questions

Are there any reported broken scaffolds?
Is there any dangers/risks happened during the shift?
Do you have any further questions or comments?
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