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Supplier Audit Checklist for Food Industry

This general supplier audit checklist is used to audit your supplier’s facility. Use this form to record whether or not the supplier meets the criteria, then evaluate its suitability to be your supplier.

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Supplier Audit Checklist for Food Industry


Management Responsibility

Management Commitment and Review


Pest Control
Chemical Control
Personnel Practices
Training & Education
Handling, Storage & Delivery
Vendor Approval
Control of Materials
Traceability and Crisis Management
Calibration, Measuring and Test Equipment
Food Security

Food Safety and HACCP Systems

HACCP Testing
Microbiological Testing
Environmental Monitoring
Food Allergens & Chemical Sensitivities
Foreign Material Control

Manufacturing Quality Systems

Conformance to Customer Specifications
Good Laboratory Practices
Process Control
Document Control & Record Keeping
Continuing Guarantee
Corrective & Preventive Action
Continuous Improvement
Customer Service

Regulatory Consideration

Labelling Approval
Regulatory Compliance


Full Name and Signature of Inspector
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Ensuring Food Safety with a Supplier Audit Checklist for the Food Industry

A supplier audit checklist is a crucial tool for food industry businesses to ensure that their suppliers meet specific food safety requirements. The checklist covers a wide range of critical areas, including supplier selection, quality management systems, product safety and traceability, and regulatory compliance.

The checklist should include a review of the supplier's food safety management system, including HACCP and GMP programs, and should also cover areas such as the supplier's product specifications, packaging materials, and storage and transportation practices. Additionally, it should include a review of the supplier's pest control program, allergen management, and sanitation practices.

By using a supplier audit checklist for the food industry, businesses can ensure that their suppliers are meeting all food safety requirements and providing safe and high-quality ingredients and materials. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination, ensure regulatory compliance, and protect public health.

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