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Food Truck Inspection Checklist Template

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Food Truck Inspection Checklist Template



Licenses and permits are present
Truck has proper record of its activities (e.g., ingredients, cleaning schedules, daily checklist)

Food (ingredients, preparation, and storage)

All food are proven safe for consumption
Raw meat is kept in separate storage away from already cooked food
Food storage containers are properly labeled and dated
Food products are not left out in the prep area for an inordinate amount of time
All food is stored at safe temperatures
Cooked foods are served or refrigerated quickly
Paper products and other service items are stored in a clean place until used

Employee hygiene & behavior

Employees practice proper handwashing techniques
Cooks use thermometers to ensure meat is properly cooked
Employees are up-to-date on food safety practices and can answer questions about proper handling and cooking procedures
Employees are healthy. well-groomed and wear the appropriate garments or protective wear
Employees personal items are kept away from food preparation areas


Refrigerators and freezers have thermometers inside to monitor temperatures
Cleaning products or products with toxic chemicals are kept in a safe, designated area
Truck has a separate sink exclusively for hand-washing
Truck has adequate ventilation and is properly equipped with all required systems

Cleaning and Sanitary Conditions

All food preparation services are clean and sanitized before and after service hours
Floors, sinks, and countertops are all clean and in good condition
Garbage and food waste are properly disposed
Outside of truck is clean and in good condition
Dirty dishes are stored and washed according to proper procedures
No signs of pests


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