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GAP cleaning analysis template

This checklist template supports you in making cleaning processes fast and comprehensive. It features a general overview, checkouts, and much more. It makes locating lacks in cleaning procedures very easy.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

GAP cleaning analysis template



G (Good) 80% and above Compliance = 15 Points A (Average) 60-79% = 10 Points P (Poor) Below 60% Compliance = 0 Points Y (Yes) Compliant = 15 Points N (No) Non Compliant = 0 Points On Completion Report to be emailed to Debra Black and Cleaning Company. N (No) Testing and Tagging Register = Non Compliant and constitutes failure of GAP Check register MUST be located in the cleaners room. Take photos of Areas of Concern as a reference for followup and note Corrective action required and date to be completed by.
Trading Floor
Trading Floor
Trading Floor
Trading Floor
Trading Floor
Dairy Trading Area (including retail Milk Fridge)
Liquor Trading Area
Rear Trading Area

Fresh Departments

Deli Shop Floor and Prep Area
Seafood Shop Floor and Prep Area
Bakery Shop Floor and Prep Area
Meat Shop Floor and Prep Area (If cleaned by Contractor)
Produce Shop Floor and Prep Area


Front Trading Area (Front of Checkouts)
Trolley Bay floor cleaning completed to Schedule

Staff Amenities

Doors, Vanities, Mirrors, Cleaned/Disinfected
Urinals, Bowls, Seats, Cleaned / Disinfected

Cleaning General

Bumper Rails at Checkouts, on gondolas and cabinet ledges

other Information

Checkout stainless surfaces polished/cleaned (bollards/panels)
Swept under registers
Floor polish re-coats completed as per schedual
Rubbish Stickers and loose items removed from floor
Sweep and mop under pole stacks/merch stands weekly
Office and staff room floor. Kitchen sink clean. Benches wiped down.
Bins emptied, liners replaced in non trade areas
Fresh prep areas machine or hand scrubbed daily
Stockroom swept and scrubbed weekly
Toilet paper, soap and towels replenished
Cleaners room neat/tidy and communication book available
Windows internal (fortnightly)
Windows external (weekly)
Ceiling Ducts and Vents (3 Monthly)
Lower grocery Shelving free from Dust and splashes
Canopies/bulkheads/pelmet lighting (3 Monthly)
Travelator Entry treads and Glass

Test and Tag Register

Test and Tag (If No GAP check Fail) Testing and Tagging register located in the cleaners room and Current? (Failure constitutes total failure of the GAP check, register must be viewed by person conduction the GAP check)


Store Managers Signature
Contractors Signature
Agreed Date and Time for next Gap Check
Have any health and/or safety issues been identified and brought to the contractors attention during the period? IF yes please Detail.
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