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Wood Chipper Safety Checklist Template

A wood chipper safety checklist functions as a guide and a documentation tool simultaneously, as it teaches employees how to handle and operate wood chippers, whilst also giving you insights into their proceedings and your equipment maintenance. Wood chippers are dangerous machines if employed incorrectly as they can seriously injure their operators if not enough attention is being paid. By providing your employees with a safety checklist you can comply with OSHA guidelines, ensure everyone is aware of wood chipper risks, dangers and best practices and is wearing the correct PPE toprotect themselves.

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General Information
Wood Chipper Operation Site
Wood Chipper Serial Number
Wood Chipper Primary Operator
Wood Chipper Secondary Operator
Personal Protective Equipment
If applicable, has long hair/beard been tied back securely?
Is clothing form fitting and not loose?
Are steel-cap boots being worn?
Is hearing protection being worn?
Are safety glasses being worn?
Is head protective gear being worn?
Is hand protection being worn?
Is breathing protection being worn?
Has any kind of jewellery (rings, watches etc.) been taken off?
Has chipper been inspected before shift?
Has the machine been placed on a level surface?
Is the machine placed on grounds other than concrete/pavement/gravel?
Is the chute turned away from other employees working?
Are all safety decals legible?
Are any guards missing or damaged?
Is the cutting chamber free of foreign objects?
Is the cutting chamber free of wood or debris?
Is the hood closed and latched?
Are hood hinges undamaged?
Are there no signs of fluid leaks?
Is your buddy present?
Start chipper at lowest possible speed. Does it sound like there are any loose or broken parts causing vibrating noises?
Are you aware of the location of safety shut-off?
Have all tripping hazards been removed?
Feeding Procedures
Are you aware of the following safety procedures during the feeding?
Only feed in materials if chipper is at full operating speed.
Feed materials in from side of the chute.
Hands and feet are to be kept of feeding chute.
Always use a push stick to help feed small pieces into machine.
Let go of material as soon as it is being pulled into the machine.
Feed the branches butt end first to keep the chipper from being jammed and to reduce the kickback of material.
Lay shorter pieces of material on top of longer pieces and feed through the machine.
Collect small materials such as leaves and twigs and put them with the chipped material instead of feeding them through the chipper.
Never leave the chipper unattended.
Never inspect or work on equipment while it is running.
Never operate the chipper/shredder without all guards in place.
Eliminate tripping hazards by clearing all brush and debris from the front and sides of the machine.
Shutdown Practices
Has power supply been disconnected?
Has key been removed?
Signature Main Operator
Signature Secondary Operator
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Enhance Safety and Equipment Maintenance with a Wood Chipper Safety Checklist

A wood chipper safety checklist serves as a vital resource for promoting the safe and efficient operation of wood chippers while providing valuable insights into employee practices and equipment maintenance. This comprehensive checklist outlines crucial steps and precautions to follow when handling wood chippers.

By using the checklist, employees are educated on proper wood chipper operation techniques, such as wearing appropriate protective gear, maintaining a safe distance, and using feeding techniques to prevent accidents and injuries.

Moreover, the checklist enables employers to track and monitor employee adherence to safety protocols and identify any areas that may require additional training or attention. Regular use of the checklist also facilitates equipment maintenance by reminding operators to perform routine inspections, lubrication, and blade sharpening.

By integrating a wood chipper safety checklist into daily operations, your organization will prioritize the well-being of its employees, reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their wood chippers.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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