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Streamline meetings with a conference room planning checklist

Use checklists for the daily checks before meetings to ensure the conference rooms are fully equipped.

Why is a list of material needed for conferences?

Who hasn’t experienced it when you arrive at a conference room and the drinks are empty, there are too few chairs, and the technology isn’t working. The meeting is delayed, and the day starts in a stressful way.

Conference rooms must be equipped with all the necessary equipment. Providing the proper equipment allows the meeting to start on time and run smoothly. To ensure that nothing has been forgotten, it is highly recommended to use a conference room checklist. Different meetings require different equipment. Using a conference room equipment checklist, you can help your team ensure that the meetings run smoothly and achieve maximum results.

This article addresses the following points:

1. What are the main necessities of a conference room?

2. The benefits of digital tool for a conference room checklist

What are the main necessities of a conference room?

Meetings can get out of hand for a variety of reasons. To minimize the possibilities of things going wrong, it is essential to prepare and equip the meeting room in the best possible way. Employees should ensure that the room is safe, clean and well-equipped. In the following, we will show you what you can do to prepare yourself for success.

1. Provide a clean and safe space

Before you start setting up the conference room, space should be cleaned and tidied up. Make sure there are clear passageways and that chairs and tables are neatly arranged. Check that all furniture and objects are in the right place. If there are objects on the floor, they must be removed to avoid injury. It also doesn’t hurt to air the room before and after meetings.

2. Organize the right chairs and tables

Make sure you have the right amount of chairs and tables. How many people will attend the following meeting? Organize enough tables and chairs so that everyone has a good seat. Only if the participants are well seated can they fully concentrate on the meeting. A conference room equipment checklist will help you to match the provided information with the right amount of chairs and tables.

3. Provide the proper technology

Nothing is more annoying than a technical breakdown during a meeting. That’s why the first thing on a conference room checklist is to check the technology thoroughly. Check that all the equipment is in place and working properly. Also, confirm that the appropriate cables are in the room. Make sure you have spare and extra cables so that all equipment can be used.

Check the acoustics in the room. Are the speakers working? Test the possible cables here as well to avoid failures and delays during the meeting.

The benefits of digital tool for a conference room checklist

Conference rooms are usually used several times a day in different constellations and by different people. Each team should always encounter a clean and fully equipped room. With Lumiform’s digital tool, you take care of the quality check of the conference rooms step by step. The digital checklist app queries you on the condition of the room and you restore everything properly. Meetings will become more efficient due to the audit software, as there will be no downtime or delays due to a missing chair or lack of technology.

The digital solution makes it possible to carry out any kind of quality control simply via tablet or smartphone – online or offline. This saves time, money and also facilitates communication within the team.

Use all benefits of a digital conference room checklist:

  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes: Solve incidents up to 4x faster than before through more efficient communication within the team, with third parties and with management and faster reporting of incidents.
  • Continuous improvement of quality and safety: With the flexible checklist construction kit, you can continuously optimize internal checks. The Lumiform guides you and your through the inspection, no training is required.
  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital report.
  • The flexible checklist builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.
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