Dust Risk Assessment

Use these checklists to assess construction dust health risks and minimise dust on the construction site.

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Assessment: Dust Risk

The dust risk assessment helps to monitor the exposure of employees to building dust and control measures to prevent it.

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Dust Assessment Checklist

Use this checklist to carry out regular dust assessments at your site. There are a few things you can do as a preventive measure.

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What are dust templates for risk assessment?

A dust risk assessment is used by safety officers to avoid high levels of hazardous building dust. It supports the assessment of the occupational exposure limit in construction activities such as demolition, earthmoving and construction work.

Why is a dust risk assessment useful?

Excessive dust exposure can lead to diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, etc. In accordance with the COSHH provisions, preventive measures should be taken to protect workers from excessive exposure to dangerous substances.

This article will be dealt with shortly:

1. 3 Tips for reducing building dust

2. The advantages of Lumiform

3 tips for reducing building dust

The right measures to reduce building dust will help you to reduce the health risk at work In addition to a risk assessment, the following 3 tips will help you avoid certain damages and additional work:

  • Use the right tools - Most tools can be equipped with an extraction system, so that the building dust is transported directly into a dust container.
  • Protect furniture and seal doors - passages should be covered with tarpaulins in order not to damage adjacent rooms during work. Furniture should also be protected with materials such as painter's foil.
  • Use a dust protection wall - A protective wall can also be used instead of a painter's foil to insulate areas over a large area.

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