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Know where thigns are with an ewuipment sign out sheet

Keep track of all borrowed equipment in your company with an equipment sign out sheet.

What is an Equipment Sign Out Sheet?

Material and inventory management is substantial to keep track of the equipment in your company. Having a clear workflow for your equipment is essential to reducing costs and avoid miscommunication. Losing track of your assets and equipment can become an expensive and tedious issue.

Instead of having to go through the process of reclaiming lost property or re-ordering goods at company cost, you should consider the importance of having an equipment sign-out sheet. A high-auality Equipment sign out form can prevent a loss, theft or misuse of equipment within your company. It takes all of the relevant details, what helps to make sure that equipment comes back on time, in the same condition as when it left

This article seals with:

1. What to include in an equipment sign out sheet

2. The importance of a digital checklist for the works issue

3. A digital software for inventory sheets

What to include in an equipment sign out sheet

An equipment sign out sheet includes electronic devices, tools and work clothes. A well designed issue list should include all relevant information about the equipment and the employee using it.

Following are the main contents of an equipment sheet:

Tool Details

Features and a barcode, ID number and necessary accessories should be listed.

Employee Info

The employees’ name, employee ID and relevant contact details should be included.

Relevant Dates

The date of the output and return should be defined and stated in the list.


By including pictures and description of the item, you record the condition of the equipment.


A (digital) signature enables you to sign the agreement about the proper usage, return date etc. of the equipment.

The advantages of a digital equipment sign out sheet

A digital tool for equipment sign out helps you keep track of tools and materials. A digital system and proper documentation during checkout can avoid losses and reduce costs. In addition, tools can be checked out and returned at any time.

The employees can enter themselves independently into the digital lists. Colleagues can then immediately see which tools have been borrowed. This eliminates the time-consuming search for tools. The following questions are immediately clarified with the help of a digital checklist for the tool issue list:

  1. Which tools are currently available?
  2. What is the where-used list for certain tools?
  3. When is the next service date?
  4. Which tools are not ready for operation?
  5. Which tools are needed, how often and by whom?

Your digital software for equipment sign out sheets

With a digital checklist for tool inventory, you’ll easily perform regular checks of the contents via tablet or smartphone – online or offline. With the desktop software, you create your checklists for tool dispensing and then evaluate collected data. For example, you can immediately report information about missing or defective equipment and take action.

In addition to checking tool inventory, the digital tool supports you with its checklists in other areas to ensure workplace safety. Also, take advantage of the other benefits for your daily work:

  • Generate real-time data about internal processes. This makes quality and safety measurable, and you can use data to constantly optimize processes.
  • Continuous increase in quality and safety: Through the flexible checklist toolbox, you can continuously optimize internal audits and processes. Since Lumiform guides the auditor through the audit, no training needs to take place.
  • Very easy to use with no margin for error for employees. The app offers less complexity in documenting or filling out checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.

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