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Compliance Store Audit Checklist Template

Use a compliance checklist to audit your store for general safety. Check that you adhere to all fire safety regulations as mandated by OSHA as well as food safety standards. Use the built-in scoring guide to assess how well your store follows OSHA and FDA guidelines. By using the template below, you can continuously improve store management and compliance.

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Health & Safety
Fire Safety
Have the fire alarm and emergency lighting been tested every week for the last 12 weeks and recorded on the Fire Safety/Emergency Lighting Record Sheet? (Where Applicable)
Scoring Guidance Score down if two or more of the tests for the last 12 weeks have not been completed. In many Costa stores responsibility for testing the fire alarm system rests with a third party e.g. Landlord or managing agent. Where this is the case the store is not required to keep records of this test. Emergency lighting should have been tested & recorded monthly. Score down if two or more tests for the last 6 months has not been completed.
Are Team Members trained in the Emergency Fire Procedures for the site?
Scoring Guidance Ask two Team Members what they would do if they discovered a fire? Score down if they are unaware of the fire evacuation procedure. Team Members should: Raise the alarm/ Call the fire brigade/ Direct guests to leave the store/ Leave the building by the nearest available emergency exit/ Go to Assembly Point
Are Team Members trained how to use fire safety equipment?
Scoring Guidance Ask two Team Members what they would do if they discovered a fire? Score down if they are unaware of the fire safety equipment. Team Members should: They should be able to specify which extinguisher is used for which type of fire.
Has the site Fire Risk Assessment been completed and signed by the store Manager
Scoring Guidance As a minimum, all stores should have a four-page, Costa Fire Risk Assessment. However, some may have a more detailed assessment completed by a member of the Safety & Security Team. Either is acceptable.
Is the Fire Risk Assessment fully completed, followed up and made site specific?
Is there evidence that the Fire Risk Assessment been kept upto date (Every 12 months) (Unless there is an incident/change of procedure/management/refurbishment in which case this should be reviewed immediately)
Is the Fire Risk Assessment available in SOS box and duplicate in safe
Has all the relevant Model Risk Assessments been completed, signed off and dated?
Scoring Guidance Pick five risk assessments at random. Ensure to check the 'Cash & Banking' risk assessment as one of the five risk assessments looked at. Note: These no longer need to be reviewed every 12 months.
All team members completed their Health & Safety induction training within the required timescale?
Scoring Guidance Check all team members training books are fully completed and signed off by a manager. The H&S section of the Safe and Legal book should have been completed within 28 days of their start date. Some long-serving team members may not have completed the Core Skills Training. Check whether they have completed the H&S Section of the Way We Work Workbook and that records of this are available.
Are the H&S Sheets for the team completed and kept in the safe
Have the Daily Health & Safety Checklists been checked and completed for the last two months? (Costa Safety Log)
Scoring Guidance Score down if there are consistent gaps in records or if there is evidence it is not being checked. Give leeway for the odd gap e.g one or two days missing during one week.
Have all the Weekly Health & Safety Checks been checked and completed for the last four weeks?
Scoring Guidance Score down if more than two weeks have not been completed correctly
Is the Store/ Duty Manager aware of the accident reporting procedure?
Scoring Guidance All accidents must be recorded on an Accident Report Form and posted to the Safety and Security Team. Details of accidents reportable under RIDDOR must be telephoned to the Safety & Security Team immediately.
Is the Receipt of Policy Record signed by the Store Manager in the front of the H&S Manual?
Has the Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager and Barista Maestros signed to say that they have completed the H&S Level 2 training?
Food Safety
Observation or evidence that no team members are allowed to prepare or serve food when ill or have open cuts/sores.
Scoring Guidance Look for visual symptons of illness- likely to cause a risk to food.
Health Questionnaires accurate and upto date for all team members?
Suitable hand washing facilities provided?
Fully accessible
Hot & Cold Water provided
Fully Stocked with:
Hand Towels
Hand Wash Signs
Scoring Guidance Sanitiser and wipes at workstations allowed by exception for a short term solution
Standards of personal hygiene adequate?
Scoring Guidance Score down for lack of hand washing or poor hygiene practices. This includes before starting work, cross contamination, after using the toilet, smoking, blowing nose, coughing, sneezing, cleaning or touching cleaning implements or chemicals, handling rubbish, handling raw food or after breaks. Food handlers must wear clean uniform at all times.
Chilled Food Temperature Check
Is all chilled food accepted on delivery below 8°C? (Check last 2 weeks delivery notes against the log book)
Each delivery temperature recorded correctly in the Compliance Logbook?
All items that require refrigeration are kept chilled
Chilled food is stored within 30 minutes of accepting a delivery
Is chilled food accepted on delivery within Use By date?
No Unfit food or unmarked unsaleable food found on site.
Costa Safety Log up to date with details of any fridge temperature issues and when 4 hour rule was implemented and ended.
Is the temperature of chilled food stored below 8°C?
Fridge Temperature checked and recorded twice daily using the Digital Temperature Probe.
Unit is not overstocked
Food is handled, prepared, stored and covered correctly to prevent contamination
Food is kept covered or lidded
Probes are sanitised and kept clean
Good standard standard of personal hygiene kept at all times
Colour coded chopping boards and knives available
Evidence that ready to eat chilled food is held at correct temperature levels and 4 hours rule followed as necessary?
Probe wipes ready and available
Digital Temperature Probe is in working condition
Record of digital probe accuracy check and milk thermometers checks (three times a week minimum)
Scoring Guidance Check current week plus last 8 complete weeks. Mark down if two or more checks from the last 8 weeks have not been completed.
Reading outside critical limits recorded and actioned as per end of week action plan.
Cleaning Levels
Satisfactory level of cleaning to prevent contamination risks.
cleaning schedule adhered to and made site specific (where applicible)
Food contact surfaces and hand contact surfaces are clean?
Scoring Guidance food contact surfaces include chopping boards/ kitchen knives/ food containers and crockery Hand contact surfaces include door handles/ dials/ switches/ taps
Team members fully COSHH trained in use of chemicals and PPE
Evidence that Managers/ Supervisor regularly observe that standards of methods of cleaning are satisfactory
Evidence that cleaning is effectively managed
Scoring Guidance Cleaning schedule available for inspection. Score down is level of cleaning is such that there appears to be a breakdown in management or standards of cleaning
Wall to floor junctions being cleaned effectively
Refuse area are kept clean and bin lids are secured
Doors and windows closed when not in use
Pest control book kept up to date and all visits recorded and recommendations are followed up
Have all Team Members completed their Food Safety induction training within the required timescale?
Scoring Guidance Check all team members records for evidence that Food Safety induction training has been completed within the required timescales. Score down if no evidence or training not completed and signed off by a manager. The Food safety section of the Safe and Legal Workbook should have been completed within 28 days of the individual's start date. Some long-serving team members may not have completed the Core Skills Training.
Management weekly checklist completed
Scoring Guidance Review last 4 weeks to assess levels of completion, If a reading outside critical limits has been identified during the management weekly checks, then do not score down against this point.
There is a sink dedicated to food preparation with fresh cold running water in the kitchen?
There is no evidence of damp?
Are the walls continuous. smooth and cleanable surfaces in all places? Are there any tiles missing, cracked or damaged? Is any Whiterock (Plastic Wall Cladding) in good condition?
Floor covering is not unsuitable or damaged? No Uneven floor finishes
Floors are continuous. smooth and cleanable surfaces in all areas?
Ceiling does not need redecoration?
No broken or defective lighting in store?
There are no missing light bulbs in store?
Sufficient ventilation is available and un-obstructed?
Drains or Pipes are free flowing (In Food Preparation Areas)?
All plumbing and drainage functioning properly?
Hand Wash basins are fully accessible?
Dishwasher is operating effectively?
Dishwasher temperatures are accurate (Check the rinse cycle temperature and Compliance log records for the past 4 weeks)
Fridge door seals are in good condition?
Each fridge holds the target temperatures effectively (Check if the doors can be shut with no harm to the temperature inside)?
Fridge shelvings and racking in good condition?
Fridges are clean and in acceptable food safety standard?
Provision of guest toilet facilities satisfactory?
There is adequate provision for storage of team member clothing?
Is the structural proofing against pest infestation effective and adequate? Are there fly zappers FOH and BOH? Are there any gaps under any external doors etc?
Duty Manager Signature
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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