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Property Inspection Checklist Form

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will audit a property to determine its housing eligibility to be used as a safe and affordable rental option to underprivileged people.

Inspect your properties with this general checklist and supplement with regulation-compliant gas safety records and electrical safety certificates for maximum safety.

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Property Inspection Checklist Form



Auto doors and roller shutters in working order
Access control system in working order
CCTV system in working order - all cameras working

Fire Protection Systems

A - Portable Fire Extinguishers
B - Fire Hose Reels - Cupboards clean and free from stored materials and rubbish
C - Fire Doors
D - Fire Alarm System - No devices isolated &/or in fault
E - Fire Sprinkler System - Systems at correct pressures
F - Early Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS)
G - Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Emergency Management

1. Is the emergency evacuation plan clearly displayed in all areas?
2. Has a practice drill occurred in the last twelve months?
3. Are the means of escape paths and emergency exits clear?

Interior Environment

1. Are floors and surfaces in good condition?
2. Is the general presentation and cleanliness satisfactory?
3. Are toilets clean and adequately stocked with supplies?
4. Is the directory board up to date?
5. Are vacant areas clean and presentable?
6. Are lifts clean, well lit and are the emergency phones operational?
7. Are public facilities and large common areas (i.e food courts, etc) well presented?

Exterior Environment

1. Are exterior walls and surfaces clean and in good repair?
2. Are paths and external stairs in good condition?
3. Are parking areas clean & tidy?
4. Are driveways clear and free of hazards?
5. Are landscaped areas well presented & free from rubbish?

Plant & Equipment

1. Are all restricted access areas locked?
2. Lifts working okay - Quality of ride, unusual noises etc? Also does LMR has adequate ventilation etc?
3. Are the Building Maintenance Units (BMU's) serviced regularly?
4. All AHUs in working order
5. Chillers in working order
6. BMS in working order - no alarms/ faults etc.
7. All pumps operational
8. Boilers and HWU in working order
9. Switchboards (Both L&P & Mechanical) - No circuits tripped, faulty/noisy contactors etc.
10. Emergency Generator - No faults on local control panel. ATS Changeover switches in auto without faults
11. Are ALL plant rooms neat and tidy, free from debris and trip hazards?
12. Is the roof area free from debris and trip hazards?
13. Grease Trap - No spillages. Regular pump outs taking place?

Other Identified Hazards

Please make a note of any hazards not already identified in this report.

General Comment

Please make a note of any issues not already identified in this report.
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