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Laboratory Inspection

Use digital checklists for laboratory inspections to provide the highest possible level of protection.

See our ready-made templates:

Lab Safety Inspection Checklist

Use this general laboratory safety inspection checklist to conduct regular self-inspections in all areas.

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Lab Inspection Checklist

This SOP template is used to perform a proper process hazard assessment of hazardous substances and physical hazards before using a chemical laboratory.

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Laboratory Radiation Safety Checklist

Use this template to ensure safety when working with radioactive devices in the laboratory.

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Chemical Safety Checklist

Use this chemical safety checklist template to conduct safety inspections of labs and work areas that handle hazardous chemicals.

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Laboratory Safety Audit

With this template you can check whether all safety regulations for occupational safety are observed in the laboratory.

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Lumiform enables you to conduct digital inspections via app easier than ever before.

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What are laboratory inspections?

In laboratories, different hazardous substances are worked with in different ways. A laboratory inspection should therefore not be limited to substance properties and activities. It is important to keep an eye on the overall hazard and to minimize it by optimizing safety factors and the right combination of measures.

A laboratory hazard assessment is conducted by laboratory managers and safety officers to identify and reduce chemical, biological, physical, and radioactive hazards that can occur in laboratory facilities of any kind. What those hazards are depends largely on the type of laboratory. The inspection ensures that the laboratory is following environmental standards to avoid increased exposure to hazardous chemicals for employees and the general public.

Safety and accuracy in the lab are of paramount importance. For laboratory standards pertaining to accuracy, competency, and validity of results, use our free ISO 17025 checklist.

This article addresses:

1. Safety hazards in the laboratory that are investigated during an inspection

2. Aspects of a laboratory inspection

3. A digital solution for laboratory inspections

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A digital tool for laboratory inspection

The laboratory environment poses numerous hazards to employees, students and the general public. Conducting regular laboratory inspections in the lab helps reduce risks. Until now, safety officers have used pen and paper when conducting lab assessments, which is a tedious and time-consuming way to record their findings in reports.

They can avoid this hassle by moving to a digital application like Lumiform. The app and software solution specializes in making audits and inspections efficient and easy. Lumiform can be used by laboratories, schools, and universities worldwide to improve safety and prevent incidents by:

  • Capturing photographic evidence, annotating and attaching detailed notes on damage or repair needs in the lab.
  • Identify issues and damage and immediately assign corrective actions to other teams within the organization via the app.
  • Generate real-time lab inspection reports, anywhere, anytime - even offline. As soon as access to the internet is available, the data is automatically synchronized.
  • .
  • Employees receive notifications of scheduled tests in the lab.
  • Thanks to the comprehensive template library, you can get started digitally right away.
  • All documents and reports are securely stored in the cloud.

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