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Project Charter Templates

Use digital project charter templates to plan, document and kickstart your next project.

What are a project charter templates?

A project charter template is used to create complex project plans, so-called project charters. It is regarded as an official, internal document, which is usually created by project managers and the management. First and foremost, project charter templates are guidelines and orientation aids for the team to implement the plan in question.

This article deals with:

1. Aspects to consider for detailed project charter templates

2. 5 steps in the project charter you should consider

3. Digitizing project charter templates easy

Aspects to consider for a detailed project charter template

Planning is half the battle. The more aptly and differentiated you formulate your project assignment, the less rework and setbacks you and your team will face. The scope of the document for the project charter template varies of course and should be adapted to internal company conditions. The following general bullet points will give you an optimal starting point:

  • Reason for Project
  • Perimeter
  • Aims & Benefits
  • Risks
  • Budget allocation
  • Deadlines
  • Task assignment
  • Interest groups

5 steps in the project charter you should absolutely consider

  1. Conception
    A project is usually intended to bring about innovation or improvement. It is therefore essential to precisely define the actual and target status and to present the advantages of the change in detail. You should ask yourself: Is the idea basically feasible? It is also helpful to obtain other opinions (also from the management) before the work is done.
  2. Gather information
    The project charter template is primarily intended to provide information. It is therefore important to be able to answer most of the above questions (provisionally). To do this, you should proceed with investigative and obtain all available data concerning the project aspects. When formulating the evaluated data, the following applies: The more concise the answers, the more convincing the procedure will be.
  3. Clarify the perimeter
    Communication with management is especially important at the beginning of the project, as you should adjust the scope of the project charter template to the project. For a smaller project, it is usually unnecessary to go into too much detail.
  4. Internal vs. External
    You should definitely distinguish between an internal and external project charter. The internal company charter is usually a kind of reference book for employees, while the external project charter has a binding contract character. In order to avoid legal consequences in the event of conflicts, you should therefore pay more attention to accuracy and practicability in external documents.
  5. Communication
    In the case of micromanagement, tasks should be delegated to an appropriate extent. Each team member should always be aware of what needs to be done and to whom or what he or she can consult in the event of a two-way conflict. Clear structures in combination with understandable communication are essential here.

Digitizing project charter templates easy

Lumiform makes it easier for you to comply with the ever-increasing legal requirements for process documentation by using the mobile app to document via smartphone or tablet and being guided by the system through all documentation processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps to avoid high fines. The easiest way to do this is with a digital solution like Lumiform.

  • The flexible form construction kit helps you to convert any individual paper list into digital checklists within minutes.
  • Lumiform offers more than 12,000 pre-designed templates, so that you can quickly and securely get started digitally, including many change management process templates.
  • Save time by analyzing all the data more easily and identifying areas that need your attention more quickly.
  • With the super intuitive mobile application, you and your teammates can perform any check in the field with ease.
  • All examination results are automatically bundled in a report by the system.

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