Server Maintenance Checklist

Short description: Perform routine checks by using a digital Server Maintenance Checklist, enabling on-time handovers at all times.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Use this template to perform information security risk and vulnerability assessments.

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Use this IT Incident Report Template to record incidents regarding the server, the server room, and other IT-related occurrences.

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Server Maintenance Checklist (monthly/quarterly)

Use this free Server Maintenance Checklist by Lumiform to ensure that you successfully update and maintain your servers on a monthly basis.

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What is a server maintenance checklist?

Servers must be regularly maintained. A checklist serves IT professionals as a tool for routine maintenance. Here they list tasks that need to be performed regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) to ensure optimal and continuous performance of each server.

This item contains the following topics:

1. Why a checklist should be used for each server during maintenance

2. An overview of common server maintenance procedures

3. The advantages of using a server maintenance check list

Why is it important to subject servers to maintenance with checklist ?

A server maintenance checklist is used to proactively identify problems before they cause costly and unplanned downtime These can interrupt the continuous operation of companies and organizations. Server maintenance with a checklist is also performed whenever a server problem occurs to minimize potential downtime and prevent it from recurring.

common procedures for server maintenance

Irrespective of whether daily, weekly, monthly or scheduled server maintenance is performed: In order to maintain optimal server performance, it is necessary to establish a list of items in a checklist, targeting the following key areas:

  • Operating System/Software - It is necessary to be up to date with operating system, application and security updates. This ensures that errors are quickly corrected and the system is safe from threats.

  • Hardware - The temperature, airflow and humidity in the server room must be checked regularly. It should be ensured that no dust or dirt interferes with the airflow.

  • Logs - Logs should be checked proactively to detect indications of impending problems in good time, as these could disrupt operation.

  • User access - System access by persons who are no longer working for the company should be deactivated. Unauthorized access threatens the company's information security.

Advantages of using a server maintenance check list

Using a checklist for server maintenance helps with the following points:

  • Ensure that all points are covered and that problems are recorded and properly addressed.

  • To implement a consistent and systematic process between work shifts and IT teams working around the clock to ensure uninterrupted server operation.

  • Serves as documentation required for certain certifications according to international standards.

What is Lumiform and how is it used for server maintenance?

Lumiform is a mobile inspection app that helps IT professionals perform scheduled server maintenance checks. Its planning function reminds users when maintenance is due. Administrators can easily track whether or not a trial is actually being performed within the scheduled time window.

Lumiform's mobile app makes it easier to perform server maintenance: Problems are quickly reported and corrective actions are quickly assigned to responsible colleagues. Easy communication with all team members and third parties enables you to improve internal processes and resolve incidents up to four times faster.

With Lumiform, changing process documentation requirements are easier to meet by documenting everything with the mobile app via smartphone or tablet. The system guides through all documentation processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps to avoid costly server downtime.

Lumiform's digital solution offers even more advantages for a server maintenance list:

  • The flexible form construction kit helps to convert individual paper lists for server maintenance into digital checklists within minutes.

  • Generate real-time data via internal processes. This makes quality and safety measurable and the data can be used to optimize processes.

  • The very simple operation offers no margin for error for inspectors on site. The app offers less complexity in documenting or filling out checklists than complicated paper or Excel lists.

  • All audit results are automatically bundled in a report and can be sent to stakeholders.

  • Save time by simplifying the analysis of all data and identifying areas that need special attention more quickly.