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Network Security Audit Checklist

Use digital checklists to conduct network security audits.

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Network Audit Checklist

This checklist is used to proactively assess the security and integrity of organizational networks.

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Network Security Risk Assessment Template

Use the template for a network security audit.

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What is a network security audit checklist

Weak spots within network security arise on a regular basis. Due to this reason, it is important to extensively protect the infrastructure and data of the network. Security vulnerabilities occur primarily due to inadequate protection of the network. If audits that check network security are carried out regularly, vulnerabilities in the network can be prevented and prevented.

Testing network security is a long-term and systematic process, and it is important to stay on top of it. Using checklists is a good way for network security audits to be uncomplicated for network security.After vulnerabilities are identified, corrective actions can be initiated to increase network security.

This article covers the following topics:

1. A network security audit checklist

2. 4 steps to maximum network security

3. A digital application for a workplace risk assessment

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A network security audit checklist

The regular performance of network security audits is specified in the International Security Policies. These describe the planning, documentation and ongoing development of network security. Network security audits are performed by external IT-experts and the resulting catalog of measures can then be implemented by the internal IT team. The following four security benefits can be achieved with the help of a network security audit.

4 Benefits of a network security audit

  1. 100% protection of trusted data
  2. Uncomplicated localization of hardware problems
  3. Quick identification of software problems
  4. Reliable documentation

4 steps to maximum network security

Performing a network security audit can be complex and challenging. Therefore, having a set plan to stick to can save you a lot of stress. A checklist to perform network security audits will help you from conducting the audit to writing the final report to follow up. Find out now about the five steps that will support you in the network security audit.

1. Create a plan

The first step is to define the scope of the network security audit. Name all internal and external systems that will be audited. Set a time frame to test network security. By using a checklist, you can plan your audit flow completely dynamically.

2. Perform network security testing

This phase is where you do all your network security testing. First, you perform a comprehensive inventory analysis and get a picture of the current state. By performing a network analysis, you can analyze vulnerabilities in the system.

3. Analyze the results

After all areas and systems have been comprehensively tested and documented, you can now analyze the results. Have the vulnerabilities and security gaps been addressed? These findings must also be carefully documented and communicated with relevant individuals. It is essential to ensure that the words used are appropriate. Not all colleagues are familiar with all technical terminology.

4. Follow-up on the results

Now, you need to take care of fixing the security risks and named weaknesses. Create a plan for how your team can proceed with implementing the vulnerabilities in the network. For example, the task can be broken into small goals and steps. This way, the task can be completed step by step and ensure that network security can be improved.

A digital application for network security audit?

Regularly performing routine audits to ensure network security is a top priority for IT managers and network security teams. Lumiform's desktop software and checklist app supports you in proactively countering emerging threats.

Save time by reporting incidents and security gaps immediately with the app. Don't waste time, assign corrective actions to your teammates immediately and share messages and screenshots about vulnerabilities directly through the app. Track troubleshooting in real time, while all actions are automatically logged in a report.

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