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Roof Safety Inspection Checklist Template

Use this template for roof work to check safety regulations before starting the safety check. Sketch and photograph the workers and the work to be performed on the site. Check permits, weather conditions, roof safety equipment, signage, and proper PPE before workers begin work. Confirm that roofers are trained in workplace safety and informed about communication protocols. Assess the condition of accesses, walkways, and crash barriers. Identify possible openings that could lead to slips and fatal falls. Complete the inspection with an overall assessment and a recommendation on whether or not the roofers should continue their work.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra

Roof Safety Inspection Checklist Template


General Information

Describe your work:
Name the engaged employees :
Attach relevant photos:
Do you have the relevant permissions to work?
Is adequate signage presented?
Are workers adequately trained?
Are the signage displays correct?
Have employees been appropriately informed of the work they have to do?
Is there a communication protocol?
Are the weather conditions appropriate to work?
Has the risk from falling items been evaluated?
Have all suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) been approved and correctly worn by employees?

Access and Structure

How can you access the roof?
How do you and the workers transport materials to the roof?
Are structural lacks NOT visible from roof/deck underside?
Are access doors/ways in good condition?

Walkways and Roof

Do you have enough paths/ways?
Are the ways free of trip hazards?
Are those ways clearly visible?
Are roof edges preserved?
Do you have guard rails or parapets?
Are there no obstructions like electrical wires, pipes, etc. on the roof?
Are roof paths safe and regularly checked?
Are there anchorages in place that have been installed prior?
Are gears and ropes correctly attached to anchorages?
Are gears and ropes available and investigated?


Are skylights and other openings shielded?
Do drains/hatches/other openings have guardrails?
Are gaps between the holes in the standard distance?


Overall rating:
Write down recommendations or any further comments:


Inspected by (Name and Signature):
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