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Facility Management Software

Raise the bar for facility management inspections with our Facility Management Software.

Simplify facility management with the Lumiform App

Save documentation time

Save documentation time

With the facility management software you can easily carry out on-site inspections. Give clear instructions for corrective actions and next steps by pre-defining logic. By standardizing your audits, analyzing all data in a snap and identifying areas that need your attention much faster, you can reduce documentation time by up to 33%.

Save time with automatically generated reports

Save time with automatically generated reports

The facility management app automatically generates a professional inspection report as soon as you complete the inspection. The inspection report can be fully customized to your individual needs and contains all results, images, negative answers and reported problems. Save time by immediately sending the report from the facility management app to all responsible persons.

Optimize workflows continuously

Optimize workflows continuously

With facility management software, your exam flow is completely dynamic and not static like pen and paper. The Lumi-Flow allows you to continuously create new checklists, change individual inspections, add new logics, assign tasks on-the-fly and thus continuously adapt and optimize your quality and safety processes.

Optimize your processes with a building management tool

With the form construction kit, all templates can be adapted to new legal requirements and changed internal processes at any time. In addition, the app enables you to always collect up-to-date data for your analyses.

Create custom forms within minutes. Organise inspections to make sure the right person does all the checklists reliably.

Create forms

Conduct audits and inspections whether with a tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS – online or offline.

Conduct via App

Make sure all issues are quickly reported and seamlessly documented. Keep track of the troubleshooting, and solve issues together as a team.

Solve Issues

Don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation of audit and inspection reports – everything is fully automated. Uncover areas that need your attention through in-depth analyses.

Results, Reports and Analyses
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The Lumiform flow

Digitise all quality and safety efforts, and cut down inspection time, with the Lumiform app. And, even more importantly, continuously optimise your quality and safety operations easily, with the Lumiform flow.

Lumiform flow

Featured templates

Facilities Maintenance Checklist

Facilities Maintenance Checklist

Use this template for a detailed, regular maintenance of a facility. See template

Building Condition Survey Template

Building Condition Survey Template

Use this building condition survey template to assess the physical condition of a building. Include structural, mechanical, electrical and room-level inspections. See template

Work Order Template

Work Order Template

Use this template so that your customers can enter all important details of their service request. See template

Use the 20:80 Principle for Workflows in Building Management

Facility managers must ensure that inspections take place every week, if not daily. As a result, hundreds of hours are spent writing reports, filing documents and managing the necessary actions. Besides, many of them are not followed up adequately. With facilities management software on your mobile device, you can do all of this in the field and in real-time, giving managers a clear view of the team and its progress.

Our tip:

Conduct this checklist easily and digitally via mobile app and save 50% of your inspection time. Try for free now

5 Requirements for the Implementation of Facility Management Software

The computer-aided facilities management software, as freeware, allows to automate routine inquiries, streamline order processes and proactively address problems via a web-based dashboard. Given the added value and benefits of facility maintenance management software, it is not surprising that many companies have begun to adopt this system and leverage its strengths.

However, implementing facilities management software is not as easy as it seems. Companies face numerous challenges from their employees and contractors. Difficulties that usually arise because factors have been overlooked. The result is generally low acceptance of FM software implementation.

Here are the five most significant challenges that facility managers have to face if they want to implement a facility management tool:

1. Insufficient planning in change management

Often the change management planning does not sufficiently cover all events that can influence the implementation. These include, but are not limited to, business growth, software upgrades and updates, and sudden changes to the hardware required to run the facilities management software. Planning should take these events into account and carefully examine them. Action plans should also be created to address associated problems. This will ensure that the implementation can be maintained even if these events occur.

2. Software features do not support business requirements

Some organizations fail to verify that the selected facility management software meets all the criteria required by business needs. For example, a facility manager may want certain features in the software, such as work order management, automatic issue of corrective actions, a unified recording system, offline inspections, and comprehensive data analysis. Typically, different facility managers have different preferences regarding the functions they require. Therefore, several facilities management software options must be prepared to select the one that best meets your business needs.

3. No hedging of customer buy-in

Some implementations of building management software fail because user acceptance tests (UAT) have not been conducted with the right end-users, such as building inspectors and contractors. There will always be employees who are willing to accept new technologies and those who are not. Therefore, you must secure the agreement of both parties.

For the integration to be successful, a facility manager should clearly explain to the end-user why the change is necessary. Show how facility management software can help people do their jobs better, and how it can ultimately improve the quality of work and life for everyone. Invite them to test it and get them excited about the benefits of the software to get them on board right from the start.

4. Lack of integration with other business software

The software in facility management does not solve a company's problems if it cannot work with other company software. Although the tool digitizes processes, it is still cumbersome for the end-user if data has to be manually transferred from one software to the other.


A convincing software solution in facility management can connect with other software. It offers the possibility of deep integration so that everything works as one unit and helps the end user become more productive in his role.

5. Unreliable technical support

With every new software, new questions and concerns arise again and again. If the facility manager and the users cannot rely on reliable customer service, they may not learn to use the facility management software adequately. As a result, they fall back on proven, manual methods and disregard the possibilities and advantages of a software solution.

Facility managers should always keep in mind that they need reliable technical support that will immediately resolve users' initial concerns about the facilities management software.

Every company faces challenges when trying to implement new solutions or abandoning old methods. Make an appointment with our customer service to learn how you can best use Lumiform's facilities management software for your business.

Features of Lumiform's Facility Management Software

A central, mobile app for building management

Manage facility maintenance management processes - from planning the scope of work to placing work orders - all within Lumiform's facility maintenance management software.

Create interactive, shared forms with conditional logic

Transform existing paper checklists for building inspections into intelligent, digital forms that are easily accessible, shared and used with mobile devices, whether offline or online. Store reference manuals for your team members.

Identify and solve problems faster

Benefit from a central web dashboard that lets you instantly identify recurring issues and email corrective actions to appropriate people..

Scheduled building inspections

Keep an eye on the inspection performance and identify opportunities to increase your efficiency from the information obtained.

Easy integration of facility maintenance software

You can easily connect Lumiform with other business applications such as Asana, Dropbox, SharePoint, Zapier and Google Apps to streamline your facility management workflows.

Superior Customer Service

With Lumiform, you can rely on excellent 24/5 support that takes care of all your questions and concerns regarding the app and is always available to help you when you need assistance using Lumiform's facility management software.

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