Asbestos Inspection

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Asbestos Inspection Report

With this template it is possible to make a quick inspection to detect the presence of asbestos in the facilities.

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Managing Asbestos Checklist

This template from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for handling asbestos allows companies to monitor their progress in asbestos management.

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Testing for asbestos

As an employer, you are obliged to check the workplace for health risks and to inform your employees about these and to protect them as far as possible. Asbestos is one of the most hazardous substances and should be controlled and contained as much as possible to prevent death or disability.


This article contains:

1. Protect your employees from asbestos exposure at work with these 3 tips

2. The advantages of Lumiform software

Protect your employees from asbestos exposure at work with these 3 tips

Employers must take all possible precautions to provide protection from asbestos. The following 3 steps serve as a guide to ensure health and safety at work:

  • Perform an inspection First, familiarise yourself with the safety regulations for asbestos on construction sites and carry out a risk assessment to avoid health risks. Get advice from a licensed inspector to ensure that employees can do their jobs with the proper precautions.

  • Train & Protect Your Employees If asbestos is present, it is essential that your employees are trained in the use of asbestos. A licensed contractor should also be used for training. Employees working with asbestos should also be sure to have personal protective equipment.

  • Conduct continuous checks Regular internal audits will help you to ensure that safety precautions in the workplace are strictly and continuously followed. Use checklists for asbestos testing designed to comply with government regulations or adapt them as necessary.

The advantages of Lumiform in asbestos testing

With Lumiform's mobile app you can easily perform quality and safety checks, report problems in no time and quickly assign corrective actions to responsible colleagues. Easy communication with all team members and third parties allows you to improve internal processes and resolve incidents up to four times faster.

Digitize checklists and internal processes with Lumiform:

  • The flexible checklist builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.

  • In addition, we offer more than 9,000 ready-made templates to help companies get started digitally in no time.

  • Using the super intuitive mobile App, you and your teammates conduct check in the field with ease and in no time.

  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital report.

  • Comprehensive analyses help you to identify inefficient areas in your company more quickly and thus to continuously improve your auditing and inspection processes.