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Mastering the coffee artistry with a barista training checklist

Improve skills and customer service with paperless barista checklists.

What benefit has a barista training checklist?

Unlike in Italy, a barista is not an official apprenticeship in many countries. Anyone who wants to become a barista must attend further training. This means that a barista, like a sommelier, is one of the further training courses for service staff. Nevertheless, anyone may call themselves a barista, even without having acquired a corresponding additional qualification.

Trained baristas can prove their participation in barista training with a corresponding certification certificate. Gastronomes can also evaluate the knowledge and skills of a potential candidate with the help of a barista training checklist. Appropriate checklists are also frequently used during barista training to assess the applied skills of barista students, to track learning progress and to identify needs for improvement.

Onboard barista with a barista training checklist template

The following article addresses the following points:

1. What barista training is

2. The 3 key elements of a barista checklist

3. Digital checklists for barista training

What is barista training?

The days when restaurants only served filter coffee or the classics cappuccino and latte macchiato are long gone. More and more catering establishments are opting for a barista behind the counter. Especially, who wants to open a classic café or coffee shop and is not a barista should hire a specialist or strive for barista training.

In a barista training course, interested lovers of the black gold learn the perfect preparation of coffee and all specialties and the accompanying theory. This includes, among other things, knowledge of coffee varieties, the various roasting and the possible manufacturing processes. Also, the history of the coffee belongs in many Barista training with to the program.

Especially important for the everyday work of every barista is, of course, to be able to operate the machines and equipment correctly. Therefore, this point makes up a large part of any barista training. In particular, the perfect grind, milk frothing, and cleaning and care of the machines are addressed. In this way, the budding barista learns every detail that is worth knowing in connection with coffee.

A few tricks for customer consultation also occur in every sound barista training. A barista must understand the preferences of his customers, that these can be different. To do this, he must know exactly what type of coffee he uses and have accumulated sufficient knowledge to prepare the hot drink. And what better way to test such knowledge and skills than with a barista training checklist?

The 3 key elements of a barista training checklist

A barista training course helps provide qualified and competent baristas for the hospitality business who can meet the specialty coffee needs of the guests. Providing excellent and exceptional service enhances the reputation and success of a company. A thorough evaluation of baristas during and after training helps managers put the skills they have acquired to the test. That’s why the following three elements should be in every barista training checklist:

1. Preparation

Preparation is critical to meeting high customer expectations. Before going into business, baristas should always make sure all things are in place and set up. This includes checking the safety of their area, the cleanliness of the facility, the readiness of equipment, and the availability of ingredients. Baristas must also maintain good personal hygiene and a professional appearance. A barista training checklist should evaluate these aspects individually.

2. Execution

A clean work environment must be maintained at all times while baristas are performing their duties. In addition, attention must be paid to food safety during preparation, handling, and storage. The barista training checklist can be used to monitor whether business protocols and standards are being consistently followed. It also provides an opportunity to assess applied skills to track learning progress and identify areas for improvement.

3. Service

Baristas should have a general knowledge of business operations. Knowledge of the products and services offered is important to provide good customer service. The checklist is used to assess the barista’s interaction with the guest to determine customer satisfaction and retention.

Improve barista education with digital checklists

Lumiform is an innovative mobile app for assessments that lets you run digital barista training checklists anytime from your smartphone or tablet. The digital app helps barista educators standardize barista training assessments to consistently deliver accurate and comprehensive results. With the Lumiform app, you can:

  • Access numerous barista training templates from the template library.
  • Create and customize paperless barista training checklists according to your company guidelines with the flexible form builder.
  • Schedule barista training evaluations at any time.
  • Capture photo evidence with your mobile device for non-compliant items and add them to the review.
  • Automatically generate a report on the barista assessment and share it with business owners.
  • Store all barista training assessment report and documents centrally in the cloud.
  • Confirm barista certification with a digital signature.

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