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Workplace Risk Assessment

Benefit from clear templates for workplace risk assessment. Find out how to perform a risk assessment with our audit software.

See our ready-made templates:

Risk Assessment Sun and Heat Protection

Use this checklist to check that all possible sun and heat protection measures are taken in the workplace.

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Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Form

Use this template to perform a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for monitoring high-risk tasks.

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Point of Work Risk Assessment

POWRA should be completed at the point of work, before you start. One completed POWRA template can apply to the whole team.

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What is a risk assessment in the workplace?

The basic requirement for good work is a healthy and safe working environment. It doesn't matter whether it's working in an office, on a construction site or in a school. To enable the safety of all employees, conducting a workplace risk assessment is the foundation. The safety officers in a company are responsible for carrying out and implementing safety measures.

Risk assessment in the workplace is a lengthy and systematic process in which it is important to stay on top of things.Using checklists for workplace risk assessment is a good way to keep the workplace safe. After identifying risks, vulnerabilities can be pinpointed and corrective actions can be initiated.

This article addresses the following topics:

1. A workplace risk assessment checklist

2. Benefits of a workplace risk assessment checklist

3. A digital application for a workplace risk assessment

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A workplace risk assessment checklist

Employers are required to conduct a workplace risk assessment. Based on that assessment, further measures for workplace safety can be implemented. With the help of a checklist for workplace risk assessment, a good baseline for occupational health and safety can be established quite easily and effectively. Below, you'll learn the three important steps you should follow for a successful workplace risk assessment.

1. Identify risks

Identify all risks and name all risks in the workplace that could lead to injury or accidents. Conduct a workplace risk assessment by closely inspecting the workplace. Then estimate the likelihood of accidents and prioritize the hazards.

2. Take safety measures

Control the risk of injury and take necessary action to minimize the safety risk. Constantly review the controls in place and document them. What, if anything, can be improved?

3. Document risks and adjust measures

It is important to review all risks taken and possibly make adjustments constantly. The environment and processes should be in a safe state permanently. Risks can be added, change, or disappear. Document all aspects of the risk assessment and adjust appropriate actions as necessary.

Benefits of a workplace risk assessment checklist

Conducting a workplace risk assessment is essential to maintaining the health and safety of employees. This is completely independent of the work environment, whether the workplace is in an office, a home office, or a high-risk environment

Employees of any business are quite critical to the success and cohesiveness of a company.

Use checklists to make workplace risk assessment foolproof. Give clear instructions for corrective actions and next steps. Your workplace risk assessments will then meet a certain safety standard and keep safety at a high level.

Other benefits of a checklist include:

  • Save time
  • Minimize errors
  • Document findings securely
  • Ensure high quality

A digital application for a workplace risk assessment

A workplace risk assessment should be conducted to minimize the various risks and hazards. Pen and paper can make this process inefficient and unstructured. With a digital tool, you can perform a step-by-step hazard assessment and prioritize hazards to minimize them.

Lumiform supports you and your employees in working safely and communicating effectively with each other. At the same time, the workplace can be easily managed via the app. Risks or problems can be reported directly via the app. Communication channels are thus shortened and the right corrective measures can be initiated immediately.

Protect your team and yourself by regularly checking compliance with all internal standards via mobile app. Go digital with your workplace risk assessment with Lumiform:

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