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Cessna Checklist

Use a digital checklist for your Cessna checks and easily standardize your flight safety measures.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Cessna 172 Aircraft Inspection

This checklist can be used by Cessna 172 pilots to perform checks from pre-flight to securing the aircraft.

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Cessna 172 Preflight

Cessna 172 pilots can use this template to perform pre-flight checks, attach and comment on images of any defects found and immediately notify the technicians so they can react quickly.

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Cessna 150 Checklist

This customizable checklist can be used by Cessna 150 pilots to complete checks from pre-flight until securing of aircraft.

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Cessna 152 Checklist

This customizable checklist can be used by Cessna 152 pilots to complete checks from pre-flight until securing of aircraft.

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What is a Cessna checklist?

A Cessna checklist is used to standardize flight safety measures before, during and after flying Cessna aircraft (Cessna 150, Cessna 152 and Cessna 172). It is used by flight schools and aircraft fleets to identify problems or potential risks for aircraft crashes early and correct them promptly.

The checklist also serves as a guide for student pilots and flight instructors to ensure that pre-flight checks are always performed.

This article addresses the issues:

1. The importance of a Cessna checklist

2. How to properly use a Cessna checklist

3. Digital technology for greater flight safety

The importance of a Cessna checklist in aviation

Investigations by international air traffic control authorities revealed that the leading cause of life-threatening air traffic accidents is the flight crew's failure to perform the pre-takeoff flight checklist. This underscores the importance of using a Cessna checklist to ensure that pre-flight checks are regularly performed. It is the best means of preventing aircraft crashes and other aviation accidents.

Even student pilots are trained to properly assess flight conditions prior to the departure of a Cessna using a detailed checklist. A Cessna checklist can be used throughout the flight to ensure that the pilot and crew are prepared for any problems that may arise. If just one item is omitted from the pre-flight, takeoff and landing checklists due to carelessness, it can have life-threatening consequences.

The proper use of a Cessna checklist

In professional flying, the use of checklists is a matter of course. In private aviation, they are often considered unnecessary or a nuisance. It is often assumed that all checklist items must be memorized by the pilot. Of course, it is good if the contents of all checks are mastered. But in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and in the tense situation before takeoff, something can be forgotten. Therefore, it is better to rely on a Cessna checklist to be on the safe side.

It is not a sign of weakness or poor flying skills when checklists are used for Cessna checks. Rather, it shows the desired level of professionalism when pilots have a tool assist them in their checks. In this way, it also shows how important their own safety and that of their passengers and the people around them is to them.

Basically, Cessna checklists are distinguished between "follow up checklists" and "read-and-do checklists:

  1. Follow-up checklists

    In a "follow-up checklist", the checks are first made from the head. Afterwards, the checklist is taken in hand and all items are gone through again to see if any were forgotten. This type of Cessna checklist is used primarily for exterior checks on the aircraft, preflight inspections, and after aircraft takeoff.

    Some pilots have found that they haven't checked a certain item in years. Once a check has disappeared from the imaginary memory checklist, it is usually never performed again without a mnemonic.

  2. Read-and-Do Checklist

    A "read-and-do checklist" involves reading and working through item by item. This type of Cessna checklist is used, for example, when starting the engine or most emergency procedures. Especially in emergency situations, the stress level is very high. Then a checklist can be used to ensure that all necessary actions were performed in the correct order.

The certification and operation of an aircraft is based on the specifications and guidelines of the manufacturer and the aviation authorities. That is why the content of a checklist may not simply be changed. However, it is quite possible to adapt the format to practical needs. Only the content of your own Cessna checklist must correspond to the original.

Taking safety standards to new heights with digital help

Complying with safety requirements using paper-based checklists can be tedious. Because of one's routine, critical pre-flight, takeoff and landing protocols can be overlooked or even skipped. With a digital tool in hand, performance can be evaluated more efficiently and safety standards can be improved.

Lumiform's mobile app and desktop software enables the efficient use of Cessna checklists in aviation. Checklists can be quickly adapted to current conditions and specifications, saving time. No more checks are skipped because the tool does not allow it. In addition, pilots , student pilots and instructors are reminded of the necessary checks and informed if a check has not taken place.

With Lumiform the powerful mobile inspection app, flight schools and aircraft fleets can eliminate the need for traditional paper checklists and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Customize checklists to their liking with the flexible form builder

  • Take photos of aircraft defects and quickly alert technicians and or instructors

  • Easily annotate checklists and send automatically generated reports to responsible parties

  • Attach reference manuals to complex checklist items

  • Easily access inspection records via secure backup

  • Encourage peer-to-peer learning among student pilots by sharing checklists

  • Easily analyze history to identify recurring errors

  • Confirm everything with digital signature

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