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Gap Analysis Templates


A Gap analysis template is a visual tool for contrasting a company's actual performance and its desired goals. Regardless of what type of company it is, the Gap analysis makes it clear to employees and managers where there is room for growth. Check out our free library of templates below.

You can use the Gap analysis templates for the entire company, a single department or individual processes. The analysis of the results you have collected with the template will help you to know exactly what problems you have where and how you can fix them. By sharing information, you avoid assumptions or conflicting opinions within the company. Therefore, focus on internal elements of your company and its challenges and opportunities for improvement. Learn more about GAP analysis checklists to get the most out of your business.

With the help of a gap analysis, strategic and operational gaps in the company's objectives can be identified.
This GAP assessment template helps you define what workers need to meet their target goals.
Make your cleaning management more efficient and procedures easier at your company. This checklist template covers all necessary information.
Use this template to find gaps in a company's health and safety management system. A report is then automatically generated.
This hazard identification form helps you to evaluate potential risks noted within the work premises.
This ISO 31000 risk management checklist will help you identify gaps in risk management and comply with ISO standards.
This gap analysis checklist will assist you to prepare for certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Creating your own template and sharing it with your team is easy, using the simple Lumiform tool. Check out our template library and find the right template for your business. You can customize each template individually to your needs using the Lumiform’s flexible form and template builder function – no design and programming skills required. It also allows you to update your templates at any time if something changes in your company, department or processes. You can tailor each template to focus on a key area of gap analysis, such as skills, candidates, software, processes, vendors, training, market, data, or security.

Using a digital template offers you a significant advantage: You can access and share it anytime and anywhere via smartphone or tablet thanks to the mobile app. On-site, you can take photos and record comments from employees for your analysis. When incidents are discovered, you can immediately forward them via the app, which simplifies communication within the team and speeds up their resolution. Incidents can be resolved up to four times faster than before, as the response time to notifications is significantly reduced. Finally, with Lumiform’s tool, you automatically generate a report after each analysis. In addition, Lumiform’s analysis function makes it easy for you to evaluate your collected data. Put an end to assumptions and opinions about your company’s performance and create facts by using free templates.