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Cleaning Schedule Templates

A cleaning schedule is a great way to organize and keep track of the cleaning tasks that need to be done. By utilizing digital cleaning schedule template you can avoid misunderstandings between the customer order and the execution of the order. Cleaning inspection templates serve as an orientation aid for both the cleaner and the work to be carried out. By creating a cleaning schedule in advance, you can avoid any confusion or misunderstandings on your part. Plus, this cleaning checklist will help guide you through each room point by point - ensuring that everything is cleaned perfectly.   It's always worthwhile to carry out a thorough cleaning inspection with the staff first. In this way, you and the cleaner can clarify the job, open questions, and special requests in detail. This will ensure that the cleaning is done to your satisfaction and that any issues that may arise during the cleaning process are quickly identified and resolved.   Check out our list of free templates for a cleaning schedule below. Download Lumiform's free editable cleaning schedule templates or sign up for the App and customize your own.
Use this Bathroom Cleaning SOP Checklist to properly clean the bathroom and assure SOP compliance.
This template is used to check that all cleaning operations in the offices have been completed and are in accordance with the standards.
Use this cleaning schedule template as a guide for cleaning procedures.
This checklist assists you to inspect if all surfaces including desktops, files, chairs, tables, and all manner of furnishings are dusted and organised.
A checklist for daily kitchen cleaning is used to carry out regular cleaning checks.
Use this SOP template to prevent food-borne diseases by assuring that all food contact surfaces are cleaned.
The hospital cleaning checklist template is a simple guide to standardise cleaning practices in a hospital.
This housekeeping SOP template is used by compliance teams to assess whether employees comply with general standards when cleaning ceiling lights and blinds.
This template is used to check the cleaning work in shopping centres. A valuation report is then automatically generated.
Use this SOP checklist template for the process of sweeping, dusting, and cleaning of hotels or office corridors.
Use this template for a thorough restaurant cleaning to ensure that all areas have been cleaned.
This kitchen sanitation and cleaning checklist template can be used by kitchen managers to make sure that kitchen equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized before and after use.

Lumiform’s Versatile Cleaning Templates: Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

In Lumiform’s template library you can find suitable templates for cleaning in different industries: restaurants and hospitality, hospitals and care facilities, office buildings and retail inspections as well as for construction and manufacturing. There are also forms for specific use cases, such as house cleaning, bathroom cleaning for hotels, offices and gyms, or spring cleaning.   Suppose you can’t find the proper schedule for your purposes in our collection of templates. In this case, you can use Lumiform’s innovative form builder to create a custom template in just a few steps – no design or programming skills required. You can also easily adapt an existing template to your needs. In a snap, the Lumiform app becomes your cleaning app. Track job performances and improve cleaning standards with a digital tool and cleaning checklists.