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Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template

A checklist for daily kitchen cleaning is used to carry out regular cleaning checks. Daily cleaning and inspections are carried out to avoid attracting insects and rodents and to maintain a clean and healthy environment in the commercial kitchen.

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Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template

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Are all external bins clean and closed?

Is the external waste area tidy and free from grease, dirt and debris?

Are the smoking areas wide away from any doors?

Are all internal bins clean, closed and regularly emptied?

Is all the waste in closed and clean bins?

Further comments or observations:

Ambient Storage

Is all the food within best before date and being regularly moved?

Are the shelves easy to clean?

There is no damaged food.

The shelves are safe and not overloaded?

Things/Equipment/etc are deposited seperately (not in contact with the food)

Is the store room clean and neat and are all lights working?

No food ist stored on the floor.

Is all the food properly sealed?

Further comments or observations:

Chilled / Frozen Food

There is no proof of relabelling.

Do the thermometers in all areas work?

Food is not used after the expiration date.

There is no food frozen in house (that should not be frozen)?

Is all external packaging removed?

All seals are in working?

All food being defrosted is refrigerated, covered and labelled as such?

Are interiors, surfaces and seals clean, neat and in good condition?

All the food is covered and labelled with a date?

Is raw food and high risk food seperated from other food?

No fridges or freezers need defrosting.

Further comments or observations:

Food Preparation Area

Is all food marked and within date?

Are disposable aprons and gloves available for raw preparations?

Do fridges and freezers have appropiate temperature?

Are all food storage boxes and containers deposited upside down?

Are cook matrices updated and displayed?

Is the equipment in good condition and neat ?

Chopping boards are in good conditions, all accessible and stored segregated?

Are the equipment and work areas clean and with no signs of contamination?

Utensils including the grill brush are washed after every use and they are in a safe condition.

Is PPE available and in good condition?

Is there a separate area for preparation of raw meat and is it clearly marked?

Are glasses in the kitchen deposited below food storage areas, preparation areas, etc.

Is there a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

Is the gas / electricity in the kitchen cut off unobstructed?

Is the kitchen floor clean, neat and dry?

Further comments or observations:

Cleaning and Hygiene

Are colour coded clothes, devices and other equipment correctly used?

All food and hand contact surfaces are clean and hygienic.

There is no grease, dirt or carbon on any equipment, workplace, storage or floor.

You only use approved chemicals.

Dishwasher is completely (inside and outside)

Is cleaning equipment intact and is there a sufficient procurement?

Vacuum cleaner, deck scrub and squeegee are usable and completely cleaned.

Glasswash is completely clean

Sinks are cleaned and have supplies of soap, disinfectants and paper towels.

Further comments or observations:


All lights at the roof are working.

Is the extract working effectively during service and manufacturing?

The roofs are clean.

The filters are clean.

Further comments or observations:

Team Room

Is the team room neat?

Further comments or observations:


Cellar is clean and organised?

Are the couplers clean?

All barrels are within date and being turned regularly?

Is a PPE usable?

Are full gas cylinders deposited upright, only empties topdown?

Further comments or observations:

Kitchen Due Diligence

All due diligence documentation have been rightly ended and any shortfalls to standard actioned? containers are not over the expiration date and being regularly turned?

Food is properly cooled and recorded in line with business policy?

Team members on shift:

Further comments or observations:

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