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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template

This checklist for general kitchen cleaning SOP helps to ensure a clean and hygienic restaurant. Perform inspections using this checklist to determine whether employees wear hygienic clothing and food is handled properly. This includes checking that kitchen equipment is properly cleaned and disinfected after use and that waste is separated and properly disposed of. Make your recommendations and overall assessment after the inspection. Use Lumiform on your mobile device to generate on-site reports and photo evidence of faulty items.

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Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Template



Does all kitchen staff wear the correct and clean uniform?
Does all kitchen staff wear an apron according to their prep area?
Do all employees wear hair restraints?
Do all employees follow the food safety procedures (such as: wash and sanitize hands)?

Facilities & Equipment

Dishes, pots, pans, etc. are cleaned and stored correctly.
All sinks are clean & sanitized.
Dishwasher is cleaned after use
The return window and surrounding area is clean
Kitchen counters are wiped down and disinfected.
Oven and surrounding area is clean.
The kitchen floor is mopped, swept and sanitized.
Cleaning rags are placed in dirty laundry bin and washed regularly.
All tools are clean and inventoried.
All cleaning equipment is properly stored after use.

Waste Disposal

Waste is properly segregated
Waste bins are emptied regularly and taken outside
Waste bins are clean and sanitized


Overall Assessment
Name & Signature of Kitchen Manager
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