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Employee Form Templates


Employee form templates provide valuable support to the HR department in company management. Most of the time, they are used for recording important onboarding information for new hires. But managers will also use them during the hiring process to help decide which candidate is most qualified for the role.

Thus, performance review templates for employees provide a framework for collecting and storing employee information in a consistent and organized way. Employee forms provide a way for employers to collect essential data quickly and easily, reducing the amount of time and resources required to onboard new employees.

These performance review templates also help the department employees record their regular and overtime hours, perform self-evaluations, and take office ergonomic assessments. It’s good practice for HR departments to regularly present employees with these forms to ensure they perform their assessments and that their information is still up-to-date. Lumiform offers over 15 free HR form templates for managerial and staff positions. Go ahead and check them out!

Use this template to assess the working conditions for your workers at the customer's site and to carry out the work properly.
A barista training assessment checklist is a tool used by training supervisors to evaluate barista trainees while completing their tasks.
This cold work permit form covers potential hazards which need to be checked in the work area.
Use this daily activity log to keep track of your employee’s regular and overtime hours for work.
Download this disaster recovery drill checklist to determine if evacuation time was within limits.
Download this free disciplinary write-up template to warn employees of misconduct and describe workplace violations.
This employee appraisal template is used by HR managers or supervisors to evaluate employees during a 1:1 interview.
Use this employee file checklist to keep an eye on whether all documents are available in a personnel file.
Use this employee peer evaluation form to document feedback from the coworkers.
Keep track of employee working hours with this biweekly timesheet template. This template provides a record of an employee's time in, time out, total hours, and location.
Use this template to evaluate the performance of a new employee within 30, 60, and 80 days of starting work.

What Are the Advantages of Using Lumiform Templates for Employee Forms?

“Human resources” is practically synonymous with paperwork and records management. Choosing a digital tool can make keeping track of all those documents a lot more manageable – not to mention it saves a lot of shelf space, too. You can also keep all your form templates in one place so that HR managers can quickly evaluate the data by comparing individual responses provided by the potential new hires. With the app’s analysis function, HR managers can be confident that they are selecting the most-qualified candite for the role.

And the biggest advantage of all? It’s quick and easy to get started. You can automatically create reports, share them with colleagues, and update your forms at any time so that all your employees will have instant access to the latest version. And most importantly, you can work from anywhere.

What Job Sectors Do Employee Form Templates Encompass?

Employee form templates have a myriad of uses, but their main purpose is to aid HR in their job responsibilities, such as documenting new employee information, ensuring all employees are abiding by the company’s policies and procedures, supporting employees, and much, much more. However, the HR department doesn’t have a monopoly on the usage of employee documents. Many businesses will conduct company-wide surveys or employee evaluations to improve the overall company work culture.

They are also an indispensable tool used during employee training and development. What’s more, this only brushes the surface of the applicability of employee forms and templates. Check out Lumiform’s library for more ideas on where you can improve employee workflow!

How Can I Use Lumiform Technology to Create Employee Form Templates?

Getting started is super easy! In Lumiform’s template library, you will find numerous templates for new employee details forms and HR management. Want to customize your free template to your company’s specifications? No problem! Just choose a suitable template from our library and get started right away. Our form builder makes customizing templates easy thanks to the drag-and-drop function. The process is designed to be self-explanatory and requires no design or programming skills.

Employees at different locations always have access to identical, up-to-date forms, so sending paper documents back and forth is no longer necessary. Attach important documents to the form, and streamline your HR hiring process by downloading your first employee form template today!